leave to (one)

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leave to (one)

1. To give or bequeath something to one. A noun or pronoun is used between "leave" and "to." My great-uncle left his cabin in Montana to me. My father left this watch to me when he died, and I plan to leave it to my son in turn.
2. To allow or assign one to deal with something or someone; to reserve something for one to do or deal with. A noun or pronoun is used between "leave" and "to." Leave the financial side of things to me—I have a plan that's sure to make us money. You just deal with your own department and leave the marketing team to us. I'll leave this part of the report to you, since it's your area of expertise.
3. It is very typical of one to do something or behave in a particular way. (Always used in the form "leave it to (one).") Leave it to Brian to screw up the one thing we asked him to do. A: "My computer isn't connecting to the internet." B: "Ugh, leave it to the IT department. They're always changing the login passwords with out telling us!"
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leave someone or something to someone

to give or abandon someone or something to someone. I leave Mr. Franklin to you. Good luck in dealing with him. I leave the whole problem to you. Good luck.
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leave something to someone

1. Lit. to will something to someone. My grandfather lefthis house to my mother. I will leave this watch to one of my grandchildren.
2. to assign work to or reserve a task for someone. I will leave this last little bit of the job to you. Can I leave this last part to Carl to finish?
3. Go to leave it to someone.
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She has sent messengers to his court with costly gifts; but all have returned sick for want of sunlight, weary and sad; we have watched over them, heedless of sun or shower, but still his dark spirits do their work, and we are left to weep over our blighted blossoms.
Fairlie's writing which she had left unread, assisted in clearing up the uncertainties still left to perplex us.
In my doubt and perplexity, in my vague suspicion of something hidden which I was left to find by my own unaided efforts, I examined Miss Halcombe's looks and manner for enlightenment.
Perhaps it was better for us so -- better that we had only a moment left to look back before the turn in the road hid the last of Combe-Raven from our view.
5 Insert left needle from left to right through loop on right needle (photo D).
Cross the stile near the corner of the fence ahead and keep along with the fence on your left to a stile by a gate.
At the middle of the field pass through a kissing gate on the left to continue in the same direction through a small spinney and go on to the end of the field with the hedge on the left.
He noted a strange and repeated tendency on the part of the American Left to lose the thread of continuity from one generation to the next, such that each new generation feels impelled to reinvent the entire political tradition.
The bottom man continues rolling to his left to complete the two-point reversal (photo 10).
My argument, however, is that all these things are aspects of the seventy years of disorientation, which made it impossible for the American left to pay appropriate attention to capitalism's changing reality and rendered it unable to develop a coherent political vision or program.
From Left to Right: George Gianakopoulos, Senior Partner, WASA Architects & Engineers; John Cryan, Principal, Severud Associates; Harry Spring, Senior Managing Partner, WASA Architects & Engineers
(left to right) Timothy and Judy McCormally, Chuck and Jo Shewbridge, Reg and Doreen Kowalchuk, Drew and Jean Glennie, Raoul and Therese Gratton, Peggy and Tom Nee.
A leaf with only a few weeks left to hang on its tree summons its faltering resources for a burst of bright-red-pigment making.
One gets the impression that Radosh didn't merely want people on the left to attack the Sandinistas; he wanted them to adopt his own critique, including his support for the contras.
Here's The Chicago Tribune gushing on about former domestic policy advisor Rahm Emanuel just after he left to take a job investment banking: "His rabid, `round-the-clock work ethic once earned Emanuel the nickname he'll never shake, Rahmbo.