leave (something or someone) standing

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leave (something or someone) standing

To completely outclass, outperform, or surpass someone or something else. There is no question that their latest smartphone leaves every other model on the market standing. The Scottish rugby team left the rest standing in this year's Six Nations tournament.
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leave someone or something standing

(of a person or thing) be much better or faster than someone or something else.
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leave somebody/something ˈstanding

(informal) be much better than somebody/something: In maths and science she leaves the others standing.
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There was confusion about how many people were missing in the flooding that washed over picturesque towns and left them standing in metres of brown water, a spokesman at the local Var region prefecture said.
But in storming clear and stretching to the post, he impressed me like few others since Troy left them standing in 1979.
AN elderly pair were rescued from their home yesterday after flash floods left them standing kneehigh in water.
Some property owners logged their dead trees; others left them standing. Some thought only aggressive action would save the land; others wanted to let nature take its course.