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"I've given a few away over the years, I left one behind in Tokyo and I also had one stolen when I was doing a concert in Coventry.
Luckily, the previous owner had left one behind, so I ran it out the window and went outside to hook it up to the outdoor faucet.
Against Dunfermline, though, the players left one behind - the one they needed most.
I left one behind with the breeder because it looked a bit sickly, as I really didn't want to face the disappointment of it dying on me.
After all he's been through he isn't looking that far ahead but he was thrilled with a first- round 65 that left one behind leader Alex Cejka of Germany.
But they left one behind and we were contacted to say we had forgotten one.
"There are other lads in the dressing room from UCD who probably felt they left one behind as well - Cian O'Sullivan is probably their main player.
She's left one behind. Possibly the wife of the deceased because this one is very dainty.
A SOCIAL worker who took six children on a day out accidentally left one behind, council bosses admitted yesterday.