leave (one's) mark

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leave (one's) mark

To do something that will be remembered or that makes one famous or successful; to do something that is very important or meaningful. The actress first left her mark with her incredible performance as Lady Macbeth on Broadway. I chose to pursue a career in medical research so that I might someday leave my mark on the world with a groundbreaking discovery.
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leave your mark


leave a mark

COMMON If someone or something leaves their mark or leaves a mark on someone or something, they change them or have a lasting effect on them. He now has five more years in office and would still dearly like to leave his mark on the world. I lived abroad, in Asia, for four years, and this is an experience that tends to leave its mark. Hani left an indelible mark on the politics of South Africa.
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ˌleave/ˌmake your/its ˈmark (on something/somebody)

do something important, that has a lasting effect or makes a lasting impression (on something/somebody): As Minister for Education, he left his mark on British politics.Her two unhappy marriages have left their mark (= have made her an unhappy person).
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Allen also left his mark as a philanthropist, real estate mogul and sports owner: He had stakes in the NFL's Seattle Seahawks and NBA's Portland Trail Blazers and was part owner of Major League Soccer's Seattle Sounders FC.
Street artist Banksy has left his mark again — this time on the wall of a school in the British city of Bristol.
Little Archie has left his mark here in Wales in so many ways - including Ty Hafan in your Will really is a wonderful way to leave your mark here too."
Rick Perry has left his mark on the state's approach to funding roads.
MOVING ON Fred left his mark on his French holiday home, left, and is now bidding his readers adieu
Summary: The infamous graffiti artist Banksy has left his mark on the opening sequence of US animation comedy The Simpsons.
He left his mark here, scored many goals and proved himself," Eduardo said.
By collaborating with renowned New York based architects whose collective designs have transformed city skylines throughout the world, Leyva has already left his mark, a marriage of modern functionalism and award winning design on such buildings as The Windsor at Forest Hills.
CANON GORDON Baker, a man who has left his mark on several church institutions, is retiring.
Still, he, too, left his mark on America, and one wishes that Brookhiser had spent less time in this book praising Morris the man and more time delving into the life and times of Morris the founder.
Department of Justice, left his mark on every piece of major appellate tax litigation for the past 30 years.
But in this case Goliath won, even though David left his mark. Amazing what one of our feathered fliers can do to a big, heavy machine.
Kampouris left his mark on American Standard with a bold gamble--introducing the Demand Flow Technology process to the company's manufacturing operation--that untimately provided a solid foundation for further reforms that Poses has begun to deploy.
ROCKER Mick Jagger has certainly left his mark on model Luciana Morad.
He has left his mark of intolerance on the government, the churches, the schools and colleges, the literature and the press of our country.