leave (something or someone) standing

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leave (something or someone) standing

To completely outclass, outperform, or surpass someone or something else. There is no question that their latest smartphone leaves every other model on the market standing. The Scottish rugby team left the rest standing in this year's Six Nations tournament.
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leave someone or something standing

(of a person or thing) be much better or faster than someone or something else.
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leave somebody/something ˈstanding

(informal) be much better than somebody/something: In maths and science she leaves the others standing.
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References in classic literature ?
"I do not care to hear it," replied Tara of Helium, and left him standing there.
So they left him standing in the center of the drawing-room.
Speaking through an interpreter Baktyar, 24, had denied the charge and told the court a woman stole his wallet and left him standing in a back alley with his trousers down.
Perhaps judgment of her fellow scientists' bleatings, as one of her final actions on the job, Jennifer has deliberately--maliciously, Denziger judges--scrambled some of her boss's data and left him standing before a Princeton conference, he complains, feeling naked: "Without a stitch on" (116).
The 38-year-old couldn't believe he was released, and had to ask prison staff who left him standing in the dock before his lawyers led him away.