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Philip wondered why she could not write in English like a sensible woman, and her passionate expressions, because they reminded him of a French novel, left him cold. She upbraided him for not having written, and when he answered he excused himself by saying that he had been busy.
The Street Car Strike tempted him, but not so severely as he would have expected; and the great Meat Strike came on and left him cold. The ghost of Bill Totts had been successfully laid, and Freddie Drummond with rejuvenescent zeal tackled a brochure, long-planned, on the topic of "diminishing returns."
Independently wealthy, he had been loath to dissipate his energies in the pink teas and freak dinners of society, while actresses, race-horses, and kindred diversions had left him cold. He had the ethical bee in his bonnet and was a reformer of no mean pretension, though his work had been mainly in the line of contributions to the heavier reviews and quarterlies and to the publication over his name of brightly, cleverly written books on the working classes and the slum-dwellers.
Penry-Jones was pleased to land such a role, although some aspects left him cold.
Redman had studied musical composition as a teenager, but his attempts to create art songs or choral arrangements around Whitman's poems left him cold. What finally did feel right to Redmanand became the basis for a 40-minute-long vocal workwas setting Leaves of Grass to Torah-trop-inspired chant.
Despite this, Sting, 58, said the 2007-2008 worldwide reunion tour, left him cold: "It wasn't easy.