leave (something or someone) standing

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leave (something or someone) standing

To completely outclass, outperform, or surpass someone or something else. There is no question that their latest smartphone leaves every other model on the market standing. The Scottish rugby team left the rest standing in this year's Six Nations tournament.
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leave someone or something standing

(of a person or thing) be much better or faster than someone or something else.
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leave somebody/something ˈstanding

(informal) be much better than somebody/something: In maths and science she leaves the others standing.
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References in classic literature ?
There was also a widow, who became glowing hot, but I left her standing till she got black again; there was also the first opera dancer, she gave me that cut which I now go with, she was so ferocious!
We left her standing upon the thin peninsula of firm, peaty soil which tapered out into the widespread bog.
I can only imagine that it's because the Queen has so much dignity, but that he left her standing there, that is inexcusable" Singer Cher criticises President Trump for his behaviour towards the Queen during his visit to the UK.
A PRETTY teen hopes to realise her dream of becoming a model after radical surgery to straighten her spine left her standing five inches taller.