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leave (one) cold

To not affect one; to bore or underwhelm one. A noun or pronoun is often used between "leave" and "cold." The presentation had some nice points, but in general it just left me cold—it needed something to keep up interest.
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leave someone cold

to leave someone unaffected or bored. He said it was dull, and it left him cold. The music's good, but the story left the producer cold.
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Loved the concept - was left cold by the execution.
The 62-year-old MP revealed that she has read the erotic bestseller for 'research purposes' but was left cold by its tales of sado-masochism.
IS it just me, or are other people out there left cold by the London Olympics?
Move is part of web's efforts to boost ratings among 18-to-34-year-olds, who are often left cold by the telenovela and variety show programming on its flagship Channel 2.
Singer Christina Milian is left cold by Jennifer Lopez
They might drive millions crazy but there are many who are left cold by them.
While some called the fireworks show and bonfire on the Town Moor "amazing", many families were left cold by the New Year's Eve celebration.
Ending with a cover of Slade's Merry Christmas Everybody and a cascade of tinsel, the fans left cold but content.
LISTENING to Jeremy Corbyn's speech on foreign policy I was left cold. He has not a single patriotic bone in his body.
William Hill (9-2 from 6-1) were impressed by the performance of Ryan Moore's mount, but Ladbrokes (8-1 from 7-1) and Coral (8-1 from 5-1) were left cold, the latter cutting Kingman, favourite for the QIPCO-sponsored May 3 Classic, to 5-6 ( from evens).
In June the mum said: "My Keith will always be the lone child left cold and abandoned somewhere up on bleak Saddleworth Moor.
* Sam Warburton, in battling form for Wales against the Barbarians earlier this summer, admits he's been left cold by his chilling stint in a cryotherapy chamber but coach Warren Gatland (inset left) believes his squad will gain from the pain
The tactical battle and nuances were interesting but the travelling fans and huge mainstream television audience will have been left cold by the scrap.
She left Cold Feet during series four, although she did make a guest appearance in the final episode.
SIMPLE Minds' Charlie Burchill says he and bandmate Jim Kerr were left cold by the making of their new album, Graffiti Soul.