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leave (one) cold

To not affect one; to bore or underwhelm one. A noun or pronoun is often used between "leave" and "cold." The presentation had some nice points, but in general it just left me cold—it needed something to keep up interest.
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leave someone cold

to leave someone unaffected or bored. He said it was dull, and it left him cold. The music's good, but the story left the producer cold.
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THREE chinchillas were left cold and frightened after being dumped outside a rescue centre.
UK holidaymakers were left cold by the summer heatwave, with almost two-thirds of Brits polled - all of whom went on a UK holiday of seven nights or more in 2013 - saying it won't make them more likely to holiday at home in 2014.
The 62-year-old MP revealed that she has read the erotic bestseller for 'research purposes' but was left cold by its tales of sado-masochism.
The tactical battle and nuances were interesting but the travelling fans and huge mainstream television audience will have been left cold by the scrap.
His family raised the alert as he was left cold and shocked by the fall.
SIMPLE Minds' Charlie Burchill says he and bandmate Jim Kerr were left cold by the making of their new album, Graffiti Soul.
Move is part of web's efforts to boost ratings among 18-to-34-year-olds, who are often left cold by the telenovela and variety show programming on its flagship Channel 2.
Ms Flynt has already visited Birmingham - but was left cold by the Bullring.
Terry Booth, of PowerGen Warm Front in West Yorkshire, said: "These grants are available to make sure that no-one is left cold and miserable in the winter months and we would urge anyone who thinks they may be entitled to a grant to give us a call now and have the work done for next winter.
Singer Christina Milian is left cold by Jennifer Lopez
They are left cold by quirky modern disc jockeys, dislike not understanding more than 50 per cent of the news being machine gunned at them in hashed brown English over computerised sub-music and think rapping was punishment with a ruler at school.
But those left cold by the prospect of piling up the certainties like Rangers in short-priced accumulators can seize some sizzling value with the 7-2 offered by Stanley against ROSS COUNTY for their game at Clydebank.
The men who tested nonhomophobic were, for the most part, left cold by the gay porn.
with a dependency or alcohol ever be left cold turkey' home Alexander Speaking on the FOI results, UKAT founder Eytan Alexander said: "Nobody with a serious dependency on drugs or alcohol should ever be left to go 'cold turkey' at home.