An exaggerated pronunciation and misspelling of "please," used to express exasperation, disdain, or incredulity. A: "She said that you're the one who's responsible for the error." B: "Oh, puh-leeze! If she hadn't screwed up, none of this would have happened!" Puh-leeze—that's the most ludicrous thing I've ever heard!


(pəə ˈliiiz)
exclam. Please!; That is enough! You can’t expect me to accept that! (A long, drawn-out way of saying Please! The tone of voice shows exasperation and disgust. The spelling is highly variable.) I am the one who’s at fault? Puuuleeeze!
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Those executed in encounter with the CTD were identified as Mohammad Umer son of Mohammad Yousuf Khan, Leez Roos aka Ranjha aka Nazeer son of Younus Masih and Alam son of Abbas Khan.
The godly Earl of Warwick, encountered in the idyllic setting of his home at Leez Priory and finally organizing an army to suppress rebellion in Ireland, is Adamson's mastermind.
KAREN Lee, daughter of Derek and Wendy Lee, of Eastern Green, Coventry, married, James Oliver, son of Bill and Karen Oliver, of Takinini, New Zealand, at Leez Priory in Essex.
I'm thinking about you at this time and hoping you all come home safely when peace has been achieved - From Leez in West Lothian.
And that can cause some worry as his latest feature, Picture Claire - carrying some $10 million of producer Robert Lantos's money - goes out into the world McDonald stops in mid-munch through a sandwich his brain revving and reviewing what Corporate Bruce - director of four features plus lots of TV including Twitch City has only just spoken leez thinks Street Bruce.
Although the wedding is being organised by the town's register office, Victoria, 23, and David, 22, are planning to marry in the Tudor Great Tower, at Leez Priory.
MARCH: Boyzone hunk Shane Lynch, 21, and Eternal singer Easther Bennett, 25, are joined at Leez Priory in Essex.
Guards manned all entrances and patrolled perimeter fences at posh Leez Priory, a Tudor mansion near Felsted, Essex.
The heart-throb star disappointed fans everywhere by throwing a ring of steel around Leez Priory - originally home to an order of monks.