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make up (the) leeway

To overcome some delay, disadvantage, or setback and return to a normal or optimal position. We got sidetracked with the lunch party, but hopefully we can make up the leeway by getting everyone to pitch in with loading the trucks. The companies who survived the recession have been slowly making up leeway as the economy recovers.
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make up (the) leeway

struggle out of a bad position, especially by recovering lost time. British
Leeway , which dates from the mid 17th century, was the nautical term for the drift of a ship towards the side downwind of its course. The figurative use of this phrase dates from the early 19th century.
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make up ˈleeway

(British English) get out of a bad position that you are in, especially because you have lost a lot of time: By now, James was so far behind in the race that he knew he had little chance of making up the leeway.
See also: leeway, make, up
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Then I shall express the beleaguered intuition in a principle which, preserves the link between leeway and moral responsibility.
Bianco explores the external validity of this leeway hypothesis by interviewing representatives regarding their behavior on two key votes in the 101st Congress: the Ethics Act of 1989 (a major feature of which was congressional pay raises) and the repeal of the Medicare Catastrophic Coverage Act.
This safeguard was denigrated by the majority decision which effectively deferred to the discretion of the President and gave him 'much leeway and flexibility' to declare martial law because it is he who has the arsenal of intelligence information to warrant such declaration,' Lagman said.
Boro supporters, excepting those in the South Stand, arriving from the town centre direction are advised to avoid The Leeway and the south east corner of the stadium.
We are thrilled that Fox has chosen to open their new facility on Leeway Industrial Estate and wish them every success in their new venture.
Steak Knife Caro Shark Con Job Boot Cut Skin that flick She's such a little DJ Get there quick By street but not the freeway turn that trick to make a little leeway Beat that nic But not the way that we play Dog Town Blood Bath Rib Cage Soft TailEntries to Rick Fulton, Daily Record, One Central Quay, Glasgow G3 8DA or email r.
The visitors reduced the leeway when Chris Burt hit a great drive then a double from Morrison and a James Lister header put them ahead before the break.
The colleges argue that their reservations' legal status as sovereign nations gives them the leeway to defy the FCC.
But other Justices argued that the national drug problem in high schools is so serious that school boards should be given a lot of leeway to devise whatever remedies they think might work.
10, set up 20 yards deep, one-man leeway, think fake first, look inside for 3 man or first color.
Alabama law grants a resident company considerable leeway in controlling both its tax base and its tax liability.
Fortunately, if you're self-employed, you have some leeway in claiming legitimate deductions.
Without any leeway, the performers cannot contribute their own interpretations.
In a typical quantum dot, that constraint allows 20 atoms or fewer of leeway.