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make up (the) leeway

To overcome some delay, disadvantage, or setback and return to a normal or optimal position. We got sidetracked with the lunch party, but hopefully we can make up the leeway by getting everyone to pitch in with loading the trucks. The companies who survived the recession have been slowly making up leeway as the economy recovers.
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make up (the) leeway

struggle out of a bad position, especially by recovering lost time. British
Leeway , which dates from the mid 17th century, was the nautical term for the drift of a ship towards the side downwind of its course. The figurative use of this phrase dates from the early 19th century.
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make up ˈleeway

(British English) get out of a bad position that you are in, especially because you have lost a lot of time: By now, James was so far behind in the race that he knew he had little chance of making up the leeway.
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The extent of leeway required to satisfy PPPB is thus much less than that needed to meet PAP's construal of "could have done otherwise." And as will become evident, that "narrowing" of leeway is crucial.
The area on and around The Leeway, particularly adjacent to the outside broadcast compound, is likely to be very congested so fans are being asked to avoid it if possible.
I have an objection to the author's claim (p.8) that "even the most committed pro-life activists favour leeway in the law for cases such as danger to the mother's life." Such laws have proved meaningless in practice.
In the face of strong citizen objections, the city claimed state law gave it no leeway in enforcement.
The courts have a lot of leeway in antitrust law to interpret what corporate conduct is or is not a violation.
Alabama law grants a resident company considerable leeway in controlling both its tax base and its tax liability.
All this means you'll have a bit more leeway in dealing with what has been a menacing agency in the past.
The property owner challenging an assessment on the grounds of environmental contamination has the burden of proof, which must be supported by "sound theory and objective data." Yet, while the theory must be sound, property owners have considerable leeway in selecting a valuation methodology.
This is the attraction of Shakespeare for choreographers: Most of the audience will have a fair idea of the story to start with, giving the choreographer a certain expressive leeway, if not freedom.
Sam Torrance responded to McNulty's excellence with a 68, but at two- over 215 he has a lot of leeway to make up.
The "solely for stock" requirement in a "B" reorganization affords no leeway and the stock-for-stock exchange will result in a taxable stock swap.
The filters used to estimate the distance of the other 14 galaxies allow too much leeway to even suggest that these galaxies are associated, he adds.
Reynaldo Robles said Trillanes expressed gratitude to his fellow senators and Senate President Vicente Sotto III for giving him the leeway and understanding on the issue he is embroiled right now.
The government is willing to give restaurant owners a leeway to hire foreign cooks only for the purpose of preparing traditional dishes from their countries of origin, if necessary.
I will always play the game better than anybody, but just for this one, where I am coming off a loss, I asked for some leeway where I can just train and focus."