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leer at (someone or something)

To stare at someone in a cunning, malicious, or lustful manner. There were these two guys leering at us from across the bar all night long, so we never really felt at ease. I just leered at them as I plotted their company's downfall.
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leer at someone

to gaze at someone flirtatiously or with lust. Why are you leering at that woman in the bikini? Stop leering at me!
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Leers' villas, for which he was said to have paid more than 230 000 euro, are part of a complex developed by Bulgarian real estate company Marina Black Sea Development.
One of the shareholders in the company is a top municipal official in Leers' municipality.
Leers presents in his thesis an impressive and huge amount of sources and quotes which all should underline his attempt.
Under consideration of this more general aspect, Hans-Ludwig Leers's thesis is a convincing attempt with some weakness to present the history of traffic routes in close interaction with urban history and the history of industrialisation.
Thursday it was Minister Leers who announced that for the time being the Netherlands will block the entry of Bulgaria and Romania to Schengen, in spite of the fact they have fulfilled all technical requirements, due to concerns with corruption and organized crime.
Saturday Bulgarian wide-circulation daily 24 Chasa recalls the events of 2008-9, a time when Gerd Leers served as the mayor of Maastricht.
Eventually the gatherings outgrew the Van Leer home, and the Haifa Cinematheque was built to accommodate them.
I love (the Cinematheque) too much." Her husband died in 1991, and Van Leer inaugurated a film award in his name to encourage high-school students to make movies.