lead (one) astray

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lead (one) astray

1. To lead one in the wrong direction; to cause one to be lost or in the wrong place. I'm afraid the GPS led us astray. We should have turned right back there. It was only when we saw the waterfall again that we realized our guide had been leading us astray.
2. To misdirect one into error. A few false positives led me astray at first, but I think I have a good idea of the data trends now.
3. To negatively influence one; to influence one to make poor choices. I just hope this new group that my son is hanging out with doesn't lead him astray.
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lead someone astray

to direct or guide someone in the wrong direction. I am afraid that this young man has been leading you astray. I think you had better stop seeing him. No one can lead me astray. I know what I am doing.
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lead somebody aˈstray

encourage somebody to behave in a silly or criminal way: Small children are easily led astray by older children.He’s a weak character, who’s easily led astray.
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References in classic literature ?
Valeria might meet with the person who had watched him, and might hear all that the person had discovered--unless he led her astray at the outset of her investigations.
View her position in that light, and you will see (as I see) that it is no base motive which has led her astray. Think of her wounded heart and her wasted life--and say to yourself forgivingly, She loves me!"
But then her inexperience might have led her astray. There was no fathoming the innocence of a woman like Mrs.
Judge Les Spittle told the 34-year-old she made "appalling choices of partner" who led her astray. He added that even though she was found with a "substantial quantity" of drugs, he regarded her as "a victim".
In the meantime, the miserable scoundrel who led her astray is being cared for in our hospital in the public charity ward, and upon his release will be charged with a serious criminal offence.
Defending, Jamie Adams, said Ms Mariner had been confused about her sexuality for many years and this had led her astray.
A MOTHER who was caught with drugs in her handbag has been discharged from court by a judge who said others had led her astray. Part-time barmaid Susan Hill, 34, of Arabella Street, Roath, pleaded guilty to the possession of four ecstasy tablets.