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lead back

1. Of a path or route, to continue to one's point of origin. I think this trail will lead back to our campsite. There are a few roads leading back to New Jersey, but this one is definitely the fastest.
2. To guide or direct someone or something to some point of origin. In this usage, a noun or pronoun is used between "lead" and "back." We've set up markers along these rocks to help lead hikers back to the proper trail. The dense network of nerves lead the signal back to the brain at incredible speeds.
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lead someone or something back (to someone or something)

to guide someone or something back to someone or something. Someone will have to lead me back to camp. I just know I'll get lost if I go by myself. The park ranger led back the hikers to their tent. I will lead them back.
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lead back (to some place)

[for a pathway] to return to a place. This path leads back to the camp. I hope it leads back. It seems to be going the wrong way.
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References in classic literature ?
So the Doctor and his pets were led back to prison and locked up.
Across the desolate plain, stripped bare of all vegetation, and made hideous forever by the growth of a mighty industry, where the furnace fires reddened the sky, and only the unbroken line of ceaseless lights showed where town dwindled into village and suburbs led back again into town.
Looking back at the events of the night, I can recall but one consideration that stayed my feet on the fatal path which led back to the lake.
From Westminster through the thronging streets he was led back again to the Tower.
Persons who have wandered, or been expelled, out of the common track of things, even were it for a better system, desire nothing so much as to be led back. They shiver in their loneliness, be it on a mountain-top or in a dungeon.
With the same hard demeanour, she was led back to prison, and vanished from the public gaze within its iron-clamped portal.
Instantly he saw the dejected figure of the captive being led back to her prison in the valley just beyond the hills.
There was but one other way, and that led back through the long tunnels to the bowlder a mile beyond the city's walls, and then back across the open as he had come to the city first with his Waziri.
She yielded, apologizing slightly, and was led back to the car, and soon the landscape resumed its motion, the lonely cottage disappeared, the castle swelled on its cushion of turf, and they had arrived.
The path to the left led back to his father's cottage -- the way of escape lay open.
Before them lay the mouth of the tunnel that led back from No Man's Land to the German trenches.
When he saw me, he came over and apologized for his bad conduct, and asked me in a very humble, cringing way to be led back to his own room, and to have his notebook again.
'They say,' - the old man's eye lighted at Kim's speech 'they say that the meaning of my horoscope is now accomplished, and that being led back - though as thou knowest I went out of curiosity - to these people and their Red Bull I must needs go to a madrissah and be turned into a Sahib.
And the road to the north led back to Windygates House.
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