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This is the most commonly used LED structure that does not require any special assembly technique.
Demand for LEDs for backlighting will grow rapidly as they replace cold-cathode tubes.
Due to improvement in heat dissipation and reliability, demand for LEDs with the flip chip structure is expected to grow for automotive and general lighting applications.
First is their broad reach into many emerging illumination sectors; second is the LightSpeed team's unique technical knowledge of LEDs and the associated optical, thermal, and analog solutions; and of course, Avnet's extensive offering of related semiconductors and supply chain services.
Primary benefits of GE's RoHS-compliant, UL-approved LED Refrigerated Display Lighting solution include:
GE's LED Refrigerated Display Lighting solution also saves watts by lessening the load on the compressor.
Scale and Characteristics of Different Application Fields of Chinas LED Market in 2005
Trend Analysis and Forecast of Chinas LED Market, 2006-2010