lecture for

lecture (one) for (something)

To give one a stern, chastising talk to one for some mistake or failing. He started lecturing me again for not doing my share of chores around the house. Instead of just lecturing your staff for not meeting their sales targets, try incentivizing them in various ways.
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lecture someone for something

to give someone a talking-to about something. Please don't lecture me for being late. It won't help now, will it? There is no point in lecturing us for something we didn't do.
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He will no more than pay the price of listening to a lecture for any atrocity he commits."
The same lecture for first year undergraduates on the same day was attended by eight students.
70% of the students felt that at least 25% attendance should be there for the lecture for it to go ahead as per the schedule.
Majority of students thought that at least 25% attendance should be there in the lecture for it to go ahead.
Later the places of Group I and GROUP II were reversed and Group II students were given another topic based on the teachers' lecture for group discussion and Group I students were made fish watchers.
"We have been incredibly proud to have hosted the Lecture for the past five years and, having spoken to David recently, know that he is very much looking forward to the event" Previous speakers have included Tony Blair, Jo Brand and Bill Bryson.
Furthermore, the action of attending a lecture to learn from a proclaimed expert entails passive listening and absorption of information; the listener is not expected to interrogate the lecture for the ways in which authority is constructed and conveyed.
The videotaped lecture for the testing session controlled for extraneous variables (e.g., pacing, intonation, pauses) that might have been present if the lecture had been presented "live" to multiple groups of students; similarly, the videotaped lecture for the training session allowed for a second presentation during the training (described in detail in the procedures section).
Zaslow, a Carnegie Mellon graduate, covered the Lecture for the Wall Street Journal, where he is a columnist.
Registration required in advance for each lecture For more information or reservations, visit ww.downtownny.com/thirdthursdays.
But "writing down as much as possible" during a lecture may not result in effective encoding of the lecture for note takers.
The average lesson plan was neatly formatted, presented sound objectives for the week's lectures, and clearly outlined each history lecture for the week.