leave (someone, something, or oneself) (wide) open to (something)

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leave (someone, something, or oneself) (wide) open to (something)

To make someone, something, or oneself vulnerable to something; to expose someone, something, or oneself to something undesirable or potentially harmful. These terms of service leave us wide open to lawsuits, so we need to update them right away. The judge agreed that the defendant's use of social media during the trial left him open to scrutiny by the prosecution.
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leave yourself wide open to something


leave yourself open to something

If you leave yourself wide open to an unpleasant reaction or consequence or leave yourself open to it, you do or say something that makes it more likely to happen. Of course by claiming to be perfect, you leave yourself wide open to criticism. When you call your team the Mighty Ducks, you leave yourself wide open to ridicule. If you speak, you leave yourself open to be misquoted. Note: You can use the verb lay instead of leave. He lays himself open to criticism by being so outspoken.
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"It catapulted many of us into emotional states we rarely visit, leaving us open to new insights and new experiences.
However, within the past few weeks, it has come to light how vulnerable some of our networked devices are, leaving us open to cyberattacks.
Finally there is simply "access" to the single market, and this is the basic "take it or leave it" option - essentially, having access to the marketplace in the same way that every other country around the world does, leaving us open to the imposition of tariffs on our goods, as well as other restrictions and regulatory burdens which we would not be able to influence at all.
"A vacation away is the highlight of the year for many people, but so often we are blinded by our own excitement, leaving us open to certain dangers and risks," says Parent.
'They often have no control over the acts they must perform and clients may demand unprotected sex, leaving us open to the real possibility of an HIV/Aids epidemic if it goes unchecked.'
I am 18, and felt it was time someone should speak out for the youth and stop leaving us open to easy insults.
In the afternoon of the third day I was sent out again for ammunition when the enemy broke through the French lines on our right leaving us open to a heavy flanking fire, so we had to retire to keep in contact with the French.
Some experts have likened its effects to a day spent in the desert, which, unsurprisingly, can lead to serious problems of dehydration and stress, leaving us open to infection.