leave to (one)

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leave to (one)

1. To give or bequeath something to one. A noun or pronoun is used between "leave" and "to." My great-uncle left his cabin in Montana to me. My father left this watch to me when he died, and I plan to leave it to my son in turn.
2. To allow or assign one to deal with something or someone; to reserve something for one to do or deal with. A noun or pronoun is used between "leave" and "to." Leave the financial side of things to me—I have a plan that's sure to make us money. You just deal with your own department and leave the marketing team to us. I'll leave this part of the report to you, since it's your area of expertise.
3. It is very typical of one to do something or behave in a particular way. (Always used in the form "leave it to (one).") Leave it to Brian to screw up the one thing we asked him to do. A: "My computer isn't connecting to the internet." B: "Ugh, leave it to the IT department. They're always changing the login passwords with out telling us!"
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leave someone or something to someone

to give or abandon someone or something to someone. I leave Mr. Franklin to you. Good luck in dealing with him. I leave the whole problem to you. Good luck.
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leave something to someone

1. Lit. to will something to someone. My grandfather lefthis house to my mother. I will leave this watch to one of my grandchildren.
2. to assign work to or reserve a task for someone. I will leave this last little bit of the job to you. Can I leave this last part to Carl to finish?
3. Go to leave it to someone.
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