leave (one's) mark

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leave (one's) mark

To do something that will be remembered or that makes one famous or successful; to do something that is very important or meaningful. The actress first left her mark with her incredible performance as Lady Macbeth on Broadway. I chose to pursue a career in medical research so that I might someday leave my mark on the world with a groundbreaking discovery.
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leave your mark


leave a mark

COMMON If someone or something leaves their mark or leaves a mark on someone or something, they change them or have a lasting effect on them. He now has five more years in office and would still dearly like to leave his mark on the world. I lived abroad, in Asia, for four years, and this is an experience that tends to leave its mark. Hani left an indelible mark on the politics of South Africa.
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ˌleave/ˌmake your/its ˈmark (on something/somebody)

do something important, that has a lasting effect or makes a lasting impression (on something/somebody): As Minister for Education, he left his mark on British politics.Her two unhappy marriages have left their mark (= have made her an unhappy person).
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Lairds were hit by a sucker punch when Whitfield failed to connect with a clearance, leaving Mark Ashton with the easiest of tap ins.
UNITED were the better team in the opening exchanges of this UniBond First Division game but it was Rossendale who scored in the 10th minute when Tom Hardwick failed to clear a cross leaving Mark Drew to roll the ball over the line.
BAHAWALPUR -- The father of an eight-year-old girl student submitted her complaint with Deputy Commissioner Rahimyar Khan that the teacher of his daughter badly tortured her, leaving marks of torture on her eye, face and other parts of the body.
Now we can reveal that the troupe, from Huddersfield, West Yorkshire, was also asked to stop performing in Durham's Prince Bishops shopping centre - because the clogs were leaving marks on the floor.
He will lead the search for a new independent nonexecutive chairman before finally leaving Marks & Spencer in March 2011.
The same balance between concept and realization can be seen in the beautiful series of "Peintures feu" (Fire paintings), 1962, which were made by shooting a flamethrower at the canvas, leaving marks that are composed in varying fashion.