leave cold

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leave (one) cold

To not affect one; to bore or underwhelm one. A noun or pronoun is often used between "leave" and "cold." The presentation had some nice points, but in general it just left me cold—it needed something to keep up interest.
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leave someone cold

to leave someone unaffected or bored. He said it was dull, and it left him cold. The music's good, but the story left the producer cold.
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Even if Lego leaves you cold - interlocking plastic bricks aren't everyone's thing - this delightful 3-D film should be a half-term hit.
It's time to wrap up in a warm winter coat but if you can't decide what to go for, our guide has all the latest styles covered If giving up your biker jacket leaves you cold, you'll like the biker coat - so you can still bring rock-chick attitude into your winter wardrobe Faux fu detail c PS75, R Herring Debenh ur coat, Red g @hams Fu and leathe detai coat 70, Next r d r il t, t Grey wool leather detail coat, PS36, George Navy duffle coat, PS79, M&S Khaki parka, PS95, and navy knitted scarf, PS16, Topshop Khaki and leather detail parka, PS65, Neon Rose @ Bank Fashion Camo parka, PS35, Matalan The parka and duffel are back and they're great for those off-duty days.
DARKEST SECRET What's your darkest secret The one that can't be told, That one you're always hiding The one that leaves you cold.
If a report on dandruff or bad breath leaves you cold then, rest assured, you won't have to wait too long before a more engaging item comes along.
WE are talking turkey If the thought of stuffing one end with chestnuts and ramming the other with a lemon leaves you cold, make sure you tune in to the final edition of this series with Nigella (pictured) which offers an indispensable guide to cooking up the perfect bird.
If the prospect of Christmas Day leaves you cold then you're not alone, according to a survey published today.
Even if politics usually leaves you cold, this is absolutely riveting.