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"Illness begins where medicine leaves off," he writes.
Caritas Secretary-General Duncan MacLeod recently visited the camps in Chad and said the conditions are deteriorating rapidly, with some refugees resorting to eating the leaves off trees.
SA Cameron explores the artist in each of us, and this picks up where The Artist's Way leaves off. I found my senses heightened, excited, and free to wander over a limitless variety of media.
So we can still wonder where the interest in the "cultural specificity" of each of the artists leaves off and where their instrumentalization at the heart of a sort of great "cultural communion" begins.
The pantechnicon delivering our furniture squeezed down the narrow lane to our property, ripping branches and leaves off next door's prized trees.
When the bacterium loses KatG, it compensates by turning on another gene, ahpC, which churns out alkyl hydroperoxidase, an enzyme that takes over where catalase leaves off.