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If there is something in the company's policies and procedures that makes it more likely a worker will leave--such as refusing all leaves of absences or requests for flex time--it's more likely that more workers will leave, and file UI claims against the employer claiming a good cause for leaving work.
The job reductions - scheduled to take place by the end of 2003 in an attempt to save the carrier USD500m - is expected to cover 125 pilots, 500 reservation agents, 350 airport agents, and 225 other employees through voluntary exit programmes, leaves of absences and attrition.
LEAVES OF ABSENCE: The RAB will encourage Employers to cooperate in granting leaves of absence for Union business.
There is nothing in the Book of Forms that speaks about leaves of absence from the session.
"Companies must identify and develop existing talented employees who can take over when key employees leave, are promoted or take extended leaves of absence," says Timothy White, manager of human resources at MCI Communications in Atlanta.
'[But] when the case was downgraded to homicide, (which) allowed them to post bail, the leaves of absence of these PNP personnel (were) lifted,' he said.
The original school's policy was not to grant leaves of absence. The Tax Court agreed with the IRS that Furner was not engaged in "carrying on" a trade or business at the time the education was being undertaken, and disallowed the deduction.