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leave (someone or something) (at) (some place)

To depart from a certain location without bringing someone or something; to abandon or forsake someone or something at a particular location. I left the kids at my sister's house so I could go to my doctor's appointment. For one day only, you can leave anything you don't want at the curb, and the city will collect it for free.
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leave someone or something (at)

 some place
1. to abandon someone or something at some place. Don't leave me here by myself! Betty left her newspaper at the table, hoping someone else would enjoy it.
2. to allow someone or something to remain at some place. You leave me here and go on ahead. Please leave your packages at the door.
3. to allow someone or something to stay behind through forgetfulness. I left my glasses behind on my desk. I was left at the movie theater by mistake.
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/let alone
To refrain from disturbing or interfering.
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Mr Burnham said: "I want GM to act as the parents of all our care leavers - this guarantee is about our city-region's bespoke system offering the support, encouragement and opportunities care leavers need.
"It's essential they have the support to achieve their potential and, over the past year, we've been working to strengthen our care leavers' service.
For the KIT Newsletter and subsequent associated enterprises, this individual was Ramon Sender Barayon, who has self-effacingly described himself as the accidental founder of KIT, along with the internet-facilitated leaver network that became the Hummer.
In a section titled 'Artificial Mourning', Leaver sees the Spider-Man films as emblematic of 'artificial cinema', which facilitates a prolonged conversation about local and global political conditions.
When arrested and quizzed by the police, Leaver initially denied the theft, saying she had put the money in a medical cupboard.
Leaver said he had decided to leave the DME after six years at the company long before CME doubled its stake in the DME to 50 percent.
IT, Leaver insisted, needed to reinvent itself to remain relevant.
Next Ladbrokes chief executive Paddy Power: 5-4 John O'Reilly, 3 Carl Leaver, 4 Nick Rust (Coral), 5 Andy Harrison, 6 Andy McIver (Sportingbet), 33 Brian Wallace (Ladbrokes).
In part one, Leaver traces the place of music in Luther's life from childhood through his life as monk, professor, and reformer.
Leaver falsely claimed that the CD - called September Morn - was giving money to September 11 charities and that all six songs it contained had been inspired by the American tragedy.
Initially, a dummy variable was set at 1 beginning the month the leaver's State of residence converted from AFDC to TANF, or earlier if the State had operated a broadly based waiver demonstration with TANF-like time-limit or sanction policies.
London, United Kingdom, June 13, 2019 --(PR.com)-- The ELC scheme allows Forces Leavers, or those that have left the Forces within the last ten years, to obtain funding for training and education programs of their choice.
Councillor Jayne Brencher said that there is a big problem with homelessness among care leavers aged 18-25 in RCT.
The chart shows, by decades from 1976-86 to 2006-16, the growing numbers of Hispanics who entered and remained in the labor force during the decade (entrants); who were in, and stayed in, the labor force during the decade (stayers); and who were in the labor force at the start of the decade but were not part of it at the end (leavers).