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leave (someone or something) (at) (some place)

To depart from a certain location without bringing someone or something; to abandon or forsake someone or something at a particular location. I left the kids at my sister's house so I could go to my doctor's appointment. For one day only, you can leave anything you don't want at the curb, and the city will collect it for free.
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leave someone or something (at)

 some place
1. to abandon someone or something at some place. Don't leave me here by myself! Betty left her newspaper at the table, hoping someone else would enjoy it.
2. to allow someone or something to remain at some place. You leave me here and go on ahead. Please leave your packages at the door.
3. to allow someone or something to stay behind through forgetfulness. I left my glasses behind on my desk. I was left at the movie theater by mistake.
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/let alone
To refrain from disturbing or interfering.
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Keoamtich Imported, China###Small leaved China###SC
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At the similarity coefficient value of about 0.618, all the tested tea genotypes were divided into 3 clusters of 7, 6 and 2, respectively, of which the small leaved Chine type appeared under all the three clusters.
1B) included all the tea genotypes of small leaf size, which consisted of four genotypes of the hybrid tea and two genotypes of the small leaved China tea.
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There is purple leaved silver birch though and several crab apples and purple cherry.
Smaller leaved types appear to have got through almost unscathed.
SURVIVOR: The hard winter does not seem to have affected smaller leaved types of hebe, which appear to have got through almost unscathed