leave word

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leave word

To leave a message for one. I left word with the front desk when I came by to see you earlier.
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leave word (with someone)

Fig. to leave a message with someone (who will pass the message on to someone else). If you decide to go to the convention, please leave word with my secretary. Leave word before you go. I left word with your brother. Didn't he give you the message?
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leave word

Leave a message, as in Please leave word at the desk when you check out, or I left word abut my plans with the secretary; didn't she tell you? This expression employs word in the sense of "information," a usage dating from the 10th century.
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leave ˈword (with somebody)

leave a message with somebody: He left word with his secretary about where to contact him if necessary.
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An employee who is not required to remain on the employer's premises but is merely required to leave word at his home or with company officials where he may be reached is not working while on call (Armour & Co.
If you absolutely must go for help, wait until the storm is over and leave word in the truck about the direction you're heading.
An employee who is not required to remain on the employer's premises but who is merely required to leave word where he/she can be reached or to be available to receive messages is generally deemed not to work.
Leave word with someone about the general area you will be hunting and when you are due back.
Employees who are required to leave word at their homes or with company officials about where they may be reached, however, are not considered to be working while on call (29 CFR Section 785.
Do they, like editors, leave word at the city desk or operator when and where we go to lunch?
2 is at it, he should stop by Capitol Hill and leave word for lawmakers to make approval of additional debris-removal funding a top priority when they return later this summer.
Rescue services and gardai have appealed to climbers on several occasions to leave word of their route and expected return with people on the ground.
On the other hand, if your employees merely have to carry a cell phone, pager or beeper or leave word where they may be reached, the on-call time generally will not count as compensable `hours worked' under wage and hour laws.
To attend, call (508) 892-8460 and leave word on how many will be attending.
Further words of condolence were expressed on social media, with many taking to the teen's Facebook page to leave words of sadness.
Some of Walkowitz's proposals could function irregularly, including "comparison" (and its corollary, "comparison novels") instead of comparative literature, or why some authors leave words untranslated (in Coetzee, whose works merit her best readings).
To leave words of condolence to the family, please visit: www.
The situation of the Roma is terrible everywhere in Europe," said Livia Jaroka (EPP-ED, Hungary), adding that all governments must leave words behind and take concrete action to integrate the Roma in society.