leave open

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leave (someone, something, or oneself) (wide) open to (something)

To make someone, something, or oneself vulnerable to something; to expose someone, something, or oneself to something undesirable or potentially harmful. These terms of service leave us wide open to lawsuits under the new EU regulation, so we'll need to update them right away. The judge agreed that the defendant's use of social media during the trial left him open to additional scrutiny by the prosecution. I know I left myself wide open to scorn when I made my decision, but I stand by what I did.
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leave open

1. To intentionally keep a timeframe free or unscheduled. A noun or pronoun can be used between "leave" and "open." I'm leaving Friday night open in case Paulina wants to get dinner. I left open your birthday in case you wanted to do something special that day.
2. To cause one or oneself to be vulnerable or exposed. A noun or pronoun can be used between "leave" and "open." Sir, that position will leave us open to attack from the north. Don't tell Mom too much about your new boyfriend, unless you want to leave yourself open to a lot of personal questions.
3. To be inclined to hear or ponder something. A reflexive pronoun is used between "leave" and "open." These people are just trying to help you, so please leave yourself open to what they have to say.
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leave something open

to leave a date or time unscheduled. I left something open on Friday, just in case we want to leave work early. Please leave an appointment open for Mrs. Wallace next week. She will be calling in to our office for an appointment.
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leave open

1. Keep undecided or unscheduled, as in We don't know how much fabric will be needed; let's leave that open, or The doctor leaves Fridays open for consultation. This expression uses open in the sense of "undetermined," a usage dating from the mid-1500s.
2. leave oneself open. Remain vulnerable to; also, remain willing to consider. For example, Her actions left her open to widespread criticism, or I left myself open to further suggestions about how to proceed. Also see under lay open.
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Not to do so would leave us open to legal challenge by other WTO members, but to do so would wipe out many sectors.
"They told us they were going to leave us open but they have blocked us all in all of a sudden with no possibility trade is allowed.
"We can't place developments in large parts of the city centre on hold as it would send out completely the wrong message to investors, cost jobs and leave us open to expensive legal challenges by developers.
At the same time, we can't afford to throw everything at them which could leave us open at the back.
Could this country's love affair with populism leave us open to what has been called a "benevolent dictator," such as Walter Huston's seemingly wonderful benign fascist in "Gabriel Over the White House" (1933), or Tun Robbins' country-singing cover for his neo-Nazi "Bob Roberts" (1992).
Eventually, however, stress may weaken our immune system and leave us open to a cold or flu.
"That may leave us open to criticism by footballing authorities but that is the approach we shall follow."
But I also believed that an island nation decimating an essential energy resource would leave us open to dangerous and expensive energy exploitation.
"We are going to have to be patient because we don't want to go up there and commit men forward and leave us open to counter attack because we know they have got quality in their team.
They connect us to our depths and leave us open to our heights (p.
As well as tucking into their full English we made several trips to the continental buffet, which we realised would leave us open to accusations of sheer gluttony.
Clr Khan explained: "With the Government only telling us four weeks ago that they were not abolishing Regional Spatial Strategy (RSS) until Spring, we are in a situation now that could leave us open to legal challenge unless we accept the legal advice we have and delay final sign off of the strategy.
To accuse today's BHA of being responsible for it serves no purpose other than to damage our sport and leave us open to continuing exploitation by the betting industry.
I think we also need to display a type of collective defiance and not overreact--no painted-on targets for us and nothing that will not leave us open to attack by a laser guided smart-bomb--as in the Serbs' case when they put on target t-shirts and flocked to the bridges to present themselves as human shields.