up to

(redirected from leave something up to someone or something)

*up to someone or something

Fig. decided by someone. (*Typically: be ~; become ~; leave something ~.) If it were up to me, I would say yes. It is up to the decision of the judges!
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up to something

1. Fig.[of someone] plotting something. I think they are up to something. I am sure that Lily and Max are up to something evil.
2. Fig.[of someone] well enough or rested enough to do something. I'm not quite up to the party. Are you up to a game of volleyball?
3. to be as good as something; to be good enough for something. This work's not up to the standard of the class. Your last essay was not up to your best.
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up to

1. As far as or approaching a certain point. For example, The water was nearly up to the windowsill, or They allowed us up to two hours to finish the test, or This seed should yield up to 300 bushels per acre. [c. a.d. 950]
2. be up to. Be able to do or deal with, as in When I got home, she asked if I was up to a walk on the beach. This usage is often put negatively, that is, not be up to something, as in He's not up to a long drive. [Late 1700s]
3. Occupied with, engaged in, as in What have you been up to lately? This usage can mean "devising" or "scheming," as in We knew those two were up to something. It also appears in up to no good, meaning "occupied with or devising something harmful," as in I'm sure those kids are up to no good. [First half of 1800s]
4. Dependent on, as in The success of this project is up to us. [c. 1900] Also see the following idioms beginning with up to.
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up to

1. Occupied with, especially devising or scheming: a prowler up to no good.
2. Able to do or deal with: didn't feel up to a long drive.
3. Dependent on: The success of this project is up to us.
a. To the point of; as far as or until: I'm up to chapter 15 in my book. The kids played right up to dinnertime.
b. As long as: allowed up to two hours to finish the test.
c. As many as: seed that yields up to 300 bushels per acre.
See also: up
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