leave (something) to (one) (to do something)

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leave (something) to (one) (to do something)

1. You can depend on one (to accomplish a particular task). A: "I need to find someone who can fix my back fence." B: "Leave it to me! I've already got all the tools and materials I'll need." I'll leave setting up the internet and stuff to Janet—she's better with those sorts of things.
2. It is very typical of one (to do something or behave in a particular way). Leave it to Brian to screw up the one thing we asked him to do. A: "My computer isn't connecting to the internet." B: "Ugh, leave it to the IT department. They're always changing the login passwords with out telling us!"
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leave it to someone

to depend on someone to behave in a certain way. Leave it to Harry to mess things up. She did it wrong again. Leave it to Janet! Jane: Will you do this as soon as possible? Mary: Leave it to me.
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leave someone or something to someone

to give or abandon someone or something to someone. I leave Mr. Franklin to you. Good luck in dealing with him. I leave the whole problem to you. Good luck.
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leave something to someone

1. Lit. to will something to someone. My grandfather lefthis house to my mother. I will leave this watch to one of my grandchildren.
2. to assign work to or reserve a task for someone. I will leave this last little bit of the job to you. Can I leave this last part to Carl to finish?
3. Go to leave it to someone.
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"Surely he will leave something to Boris," said the countess.
"I will leave something to show that I did it myself--on account of my shame.
You are bound to leave something to the intelligence of your correspondent.
"My dear Bunny, we must leave something to the imagination of the police.
However, the overall atmosphere and service may sometimes leave something to be desired.
But she did leave something to the imagination thanks to a well-placed hand and arched leg.
I'd probably have ended up invading the Isle of Wight" - House Of Cards author Michael Dobbs, now a Tory peer, admits that his navigational skills leave something to be desired.
Paul Webber hopes the race will provide positive evidence of Time For Rupert's Betfred Gold Cup credentials and leave something to work on, with Cheltenham known to suit his horse better than Haydock.
Unfortunately their skills leave something to be desired and so their initial attempts create some unexpected results.
Q MY elderly neighbour's cousins actually admitted to me that they only see him to butter him up so that he'll leave something to them in his will.
Perron's review emphasizes the painful reality that, despite the presence of exceptional dancers, ABT's performances leave something to be desired.
I would suggest that the manager has a good look at the injury record of some of his signings - these leave something to be desired.
A survey of more than 2, 000 adults also revealed a shift in who will receive an heirloom, with people more likely to leave something to a friend rather than a relative.
Put 'em away, lads, and leave something to the imagination.
The clubs also leave something to be desired because there is little evidence amongst our players that adequate coaching or training has been taking place.
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