leave (something or someone) standing

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leave (something or someone) standing

To completely outclass, outperform, or surpass someone or something else. There is no question that their latest smartphone leaves every other model on the market standing. The Scottish rugby team left the rest standing in this year's Six Nations tournament.
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leave someone or something standing

(of a person or thing) be much better or faster than someone or something else.
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leave somebody/something ˈstanding

(informal) be much better than somebody/something: In maths and science she leaves the others standing.
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It might not have the exclusivity factor of an M1 but, with an extra 70bhp at its disposal, it will leave one standing at the lights.
The Clio Renaultsport 197 F1 Team R27 may be diminutive but you are unlikely to leave one standing at the lights.
Skiers are pulled up on T-bar lifts that leave one standing upright on your skis as you climb the hillside.