leave on

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leave (something) on

1. To continue wearing something, especially an article of clothing. Please don't leave your shoes on in the house.
2. To have something remain on someone or something else; to not take something off of someone or something else. Leave the costumes on the kids for a little longer—I want to take some photos! Just leave the report on my desk.
3. To choose to keep something operational or switched to an "on" position. Someone left the lights on the whole time we were gone. Our electricity bill is going to be enormous. I need to do some work later, so you can leave the computer on.
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leave something on someone or something

to allow something to remain on someone or something. Leave the coats on the children. We are taking them out to a movie almost immediately. Who left this book on the table?
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leave something on

1. to continue to wear some article of clothing. I think I will leave my coat on. It's chilly in here. I'll leave on my coat.
2. to allow something [that can be turned off] to remain on. Who left the radio on? Please leave on the light for me.
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leave on

1. To continue wearing something: I accidentally left my watch on when I went swimming. There's broken glass on the floor, so leave on your shoes.
2. To have something remain operational, switched to an on position: She leaves the radio on all night when she goes to sleep. He left on some lights because he knew he'd return after dark.
See also: leave, on