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leave (one's or its) mark on (someone or something)

To have a lasting effect on someone or something. Casey's experience in theater really left its mark on her—she's much less shy these days. Mark's aggressive leadership style has really left its mark on the company.
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leave one's mark on someone

Fig. [for someone like a teacher] to affect the behavior and performance of another person. The wise professor left her mark on her students. My father left his mark on me, and I will always remember all his good advice.
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The way that top-class keepers go on well into their thirties, that would leave Mark with plenty of his career in front of him.
Saris Bones 3 Bike Rack The easy–to–install, bone–solid, funkylooking rack takes three bikes and won't leave marks on your car.
HIGH HEEL MARKS Visitors' high heels can leave marks on hard floors.
I want the thrill and awe of Devils Tower to flow through my pen, to score paper with ballpoint leave marks as distinct as the grizzly bear's claws made on the rock.
Everyone's fingerprints are different, and we leave marks on everything we touch.