leave (something or someone) standing

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leave (something or someone) standing

To completely outclass, outperform, or surpass someone or something else. There is no question that their latest smartphone leaves every other model on the market standing. The Scottish rugby team left the rest standing in this year's Six Nations tournament.
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leave someone or something standing

(of a person or thing) be much better or faster than someone or something else.
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leave somebody/something ˈstanding

(informal) be much better than somebody/something: In maths and science she leaves the others standing.
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A man, not travelling himself, helped a heavily-pregnant woman onto the train and was forced to leave her standing because there were no seats available and nobody offered her one.
Yet they leave her standing to watch a parade of apparently unrelated people: a little girl in a party dress who drags some balloons out of a heavy, bag, a person in Kabuki makeup and oriental headdress, a woman immersed in reading a book, a man in a Cossack hat.