leave aside

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leave something aside

1. to leave something in reserve. Leave some of the sugar aside for use in the icing. Leave aside some cookies too.
2. to ignore something, especially a fact. Let's leave the question of who will pay for it aside for a while. We will leave aside the current situation and talk about the future.
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LET US LEAVE ASIDE THE NUANCES OF THE LEGITIMACY OF a Christian warrior or the status of those who die for the wrong reason or the legitimacy of self-destruction as a protest to set down this bedrock Christian principle: One cannot kill or maim innocent people and claim the title of martyr.
Leave aside the ferocious silliness of the plot or its execution.
Also, we cannot leave aside the effects of modern life, the single child syndrome, households wherein technology creates couch potatoes and material wealth that provides ample opportunity for excuses like riding lessons, hockey, week-end skiing and southern holidays to justify absence.
If we leave aside the fact that this will mean the lives of a number of innocent people will be saved, it is hard to see what this can actually achieve.
Yet let's leave aside the endless reasons why National Missile Defense will never work.
But state-of-the-art wheelchair design has moved on--the new ones cost around $3,000, leave aside getting to New York.
To attend to Morris' transformation of his prototype is to leave aside the work's pat ironies the better to follow the ways in which the newcomer sought to insert a legible identity for himself into an established scene by reversing certain of its defining components.
Leave aside the odd idea that it is more reprehensible to use cluster bombs against your own people than those of other countries.
Ethnic Albanian parties need to leave aside the quarrels and the separations of patriots and traitors in connection to the project "Skopje 2014", say experts.
Leave aside for a moment the amateurish mingling together of interest rates and maturities implied by the vague adjective patient, the failure to consider worldwide excess capacity in a number of industries as a deterrent to investment, the unsupported assumption that those who invest more in R&D or machinery are always right (Luttwak seems unaware of General Motors' 1980s debacle in wasting literally billions of dollars on unproductive factory automation), and a number of other factual problems with these assertions.
Leave aside that telephone contact can be erratic in the rural Philippines, and that not all families can afford cell phones to begin with, let alone computers.
Leave aside the fancy costumes or stagy gimmickry, the shows selling their messages with every new scene.
Leave aside Mander's absurd claims about billionaires, sacrosanct
Let's leave aside the possible perils of feeding a ten-year-old girl sea-sickness pills every day.
Let us leave aside the Archbishop's charge that the Catholic Insight authors blamed the Canadian bishops "for all the negative excesses of the contraceptive mentality.