leave around

leave (something) around

To leave something in a haphazard or careless location or position (in, on, or at some place). You can't leave such sensitive information around the office—someone could see it who's not meant to. Who left all these boxes around? Someone could trip over them!
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leave something (lying) around

 and leave something (lying) about
to permit something to lie around unguarded; to leave something somewhere carelessly. Don't leave your clothes lying around. Hang them up. Don't leave stuff lying about!
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He will leave around 6:30 pm from the Villamor Airbase in Pasay City.
But the UK Chamber of Shipping argues the plans would have the adverse effect and leave around 80,000 workers unemployed.
Originally, the Reds were scheduled to remain in Bangkok after the game last night and leave around lunchtime today.
Ultimately our 9.45 departure was estimated departure was estimated to leave around midnight.
However, they were asked to leave around midnight in extreme cold weather by the hotel management, the group alleged.
This will leave around 16, only be located in Middlehaven, Gresham and University.
Mons, Belgium, Muharram 18, 1433, Dec 13, 2011, SPA -- NATO intends to leave around 15,000 troops in Afghanistan after all combat troops have been withdrawn by the end of 2014, dpa quoted NATO's chief of staff in Europe as saying Tuesday.
Volunteers will leave around noon with a route map which will end in a party with Pimms and cake at 1pm.
And the company's collapse could leave around 700 workers in the region without jobs.
You forgot to offer your sympathy to the residents of Segaiya who will have to suffer air and noise pollution and of course, the litter that people will leave around the club.
The changes, first announced when Mr Brown was Chancellor last year, led to one of the worst crises of his premiership, as it emerged that the reforms would leave around 5.3 million of the poorest people in society worse off.
More than nine out of 10 fathers take leave around the time of their child's birth, and the time they spend on childcare has increased eight-fold in 30 y ears.
A Croner official said: "We advise employers to provide TV access to important games and encourage employees who wish to enjoy alcohol during games to request annual leave around match days."
And Michelle Austin - Sgt Yvonne Hemingway - will leave around a month later.
But this will still leave around 200 sections of track operating at 20 mph.