leave an impression

leave an impression (on someone)

 and leave someone with an impression
Fig. to provide a lasting memory for someone after one has left. (Akin to make an impression on someone.) Her performance was less than stunning. She didn't leave a very good impression on us.
See also: impression, leave
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Few had expected the north Africans to leave an impression in Brazil - a feeling heightened by - defeat to Belgium in their Group H opener.
Tatjana Popovska comments for Utrinski vesnik that if BDI's leader Ali Ahmeti wants to leave an impression in the public that he is a credible politician, he would have to try harder.
Although their cooperation is about to break all records of duration of coalitions in Macedonia, Gruevski and Ahmeti frequently leave an impression of each being the opposition of the other rather than of being two partners in office.
Looking sexy in a silver mini dress, the 44-year-old former Playmate, who will be staying with the contestants for the first weekend said that she will leave an impression on each contestant.
Hopefully it will at least leave an impression that if it doesn't work then if something happens, I'm one of the guys (they call on later).
I agree that sex parties with barebacking are stupid in this time, but don't just point a finger and leave an impression it's gay black men.
Ballerinas who fly through the air with the ballon and bravura to rival a man's leave an impression, too.
Take whatever you need to leave an impression with those you want to make contact with.
Through the advertisement's positive reinforcement, and stressing the good things in life, Bud Dry attempts to create a spot that will leave an impression on consumers' minds.
Whether it is the front -end customer service section staff who replies to the initial inquiry, the first response field crew, the contractor working for GCW, developers working on contributed asset, all leave an impression on the public.
I want to make an impact and leave an impression on Jurgen Klinsmann.
However, the political parties leave an impression that they speak about the subject only to shift the blame onto the other political rival.
One of the first images to really leave an impression was Brad Pitt in Fight Club.
Her writing style is colorful and imaginative and the story is powerful enough to leave an impression long after you've read the final word of the final chapter and put the book down to rest.
Camps, such as the one at the Pyramid, provide a major opportunity for referees to leave an impression.