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factory, 5-door, at least 5 seats, turbo diesel engine, at least 440 Nm / 220 hp, four-wheel drive, automatic transmission, ground clearance at least 200 mm, at least 650 kg payload, loading: at least 1000 x 1000 mm (W x D;.
Furthermore, as many as 2,837 cases have been registered in Punjab for misuse of loud speaker while at least 1,471 people have been arrested out of these cases.
It is time that we take up the cause of the Least Developed Countries on a war footing and work together.
Salisbury can then input the information into the Least Cost Charge Calculation program to determine what the most cost-effective scrap will be.
After the acquisition, the group employees based in the foreign country account for at least 10% (by headcount and compensation) of total group employees;
In regression analyses controlling for background and risk-related characteristics, males with a high level of depressive symptoms at baseline were significantly more likely than those with a low level to say at follow-up that they had engaged in at least one of the specified risk behaviors between interviews (odds ratio, 1.
Populations of least terns declined rapidly in the early 1900s, chiefly due to exploitation by overzealous feather and egg collectors.
Two new jobs will be created through this project, and the organizations will provide at least $206,000 in matching funds.
While the program requires a commitment of at least 200 jobs, the retention of these firms supports thousands of smaller-sized businesses because large companies account for more than half of all the private sector jobs in Lower Manhattan.
For example, among more than 3,000 older men and women in the Cardiovascular Health Cognition Study, those who reported engaging in at least four activities (like walking, household chores, gardening, and jogging) during the previous two weeks were half as likely to be diagnosed with dementia five years later than those who took part in no more than one activity.
Rice came to the Rose Bowl Saturday night for their season opener and almost immediately saw their season flash before them, or at least several Bruins who appeared all blur.
The fundamental transformation of modern childhood began before globalization, at least as the latter is usually defined.
These trials together tested tipranavir in well over 1,000 patients who had taken a median of 12 antiretroviral drugs and were heavily resistant (97% tested resistant to at least one protease inhibitor).
In his fine posthumous analysis of the nature of design, Michael Brawne declared that, 'when I am considering the design of a building, I need at the outset, or at least very soon after, to be concerned with the selection of materials to be used in construction.
Each received at least 500 contributions from city, state or county workers.