a new lease of life

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a new lease of life

1. An occasion or opportunity for a renewed enjoyment in, enthusiasm for, or appreciation of one's life. Primarily heard in UK. After finding out that the tests came back negative for cancer, I feel as though I've been given a new lease of life! Mary's gotten a new lease of life ever since her daughter was born.
2. An extension or increase in the time in which something or someone can be useful or successful. Primarily heard in UK. Our company was given a new lease of life when we partnered with the global corporation. John's film got a new lease of life when his wealthy grandfather agreed to fund the rest of the production.
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a new lease of life


a new lease on life

COMMON If someone or something is given a new lease of life or a new lease on life, something makes them successful once again or improves their condition. The old oak table was another bargain, picked up for just £4 and given a new lease of life by Kim's mother. After a career as a comedian, he found a new lease of life as an actor. Swimming gave me a new lease on life — I found I had much more energy to do stuff. Note: Words such as another, fresh, or second are sometimes used instead of new. T-shirts and hats can be given a fresh lease of life with glass beads. Note: A lease is a contract by which you can rent property for a fixed period of time.
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a new lease of (or on) life

a substantially improved prospect of life or use after rejuvenation or repair.
1997 BBC Vegetarian Good Food Give salads, sandwiches and jacket spuds a new lease of life with a spoonful of flavoured mayonnaise.
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a (ˌnew) lease of ˈlife

(British English) (American English a (ˌnew) lease on ˈlife) a chance for somebody/something to live/last longer; a chance to get more enjoyment and satisfaction out of life: The successful heart operation gave him a new lease of life.The outside of the city hall has just been thoroughly cleaned and it’s given the old place a new lease on life.
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References in classic literature ?
An earthly despotism would be the absolutely perfect earthly government, if the conditions were the same, namely, the despot the perfectest individual of the human race, and his lease of life perpetual.
With water, food, and oil aboard, we felt that we had obtained a new lease of life. Now, too, we knew definitely where we were, and I determined to make for Georgetown, British Guiana--but I was destined to again suffer bitter disappointment.
France, and an annuity that would support you there in luxury, would give you a new lease of life, would transfer you to a new existence.
And yet I hate to think of this old scandal gaining a new lease of life. Did you ever hear of Dawson and Neligan?"
A pair of raccoons have been given a new lease of life - after moving into a home at an animal rescue centre in the Black Country.
ONE of South Tyneside's original community centres has been given a new lease of life with the help of a North East law firm.
A 'boozy' social club in the heart of Liverpool is giving Scouse nans across the city 'a new lease of life.'
LEE MILLER insists he's had a new lease of life after leaving a relegation fight for Livingston's promotion push.
The Professor disclosed this addressing a ceremony at the hospital premises on February 16, with the participation of children who had received a new lease of life following kidney transplants received at the hospital.
BUILDERS are stripping out the former BHS store, in Liverpool city centre, to give it a new lease of life.
SUNDERLAND defender Adam Matthews feels like he has been given a new lease of life at Sunderland under new manager Simon Grayson.
Ahead of the Republic of Ireland's World Cup qualifiers against Georgia and Moldova next week, the winger is relishing his new lease of life in the Championship.
"It has been great to see the Co-op giving the premises a new lease of life so that it provides a service for the Tenby residents and holidaymakers once again.
The restoration was one of the most complex and lengthy revamps of a steam locomotive ever undertaken, and the icon is making the most of its new lease of life, drawing movie star-style attention.
TEHRAN (FNA)- A shipping joint venture (JV) between Iran and India, that ferried crude oil to India for four decades until the July 2012 western sanctions, could get a new lease of life, after the Persian Gulf nation and global powers reached a nuclear understanding last week that will lead to the lifting of these sanctions.