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And with every door that you unlock, you will become aware of others and still others that are yet shut fast, until at last you learn with something of pain, that the great palace of our Literature is so vast that you can never hope to open all the doors even to peep inside.
The animals in cages, which gradually learn to get out, perform random movements at first, which are purely instinctive.
My mother sympathized with me in my disappointment, and sought to comfort me in all the ways she could, and to help me find a way to learn.
The mine was divided into a large number of different "rooms" or departments, and, as I never was able to learn the location of all these "rooms," I many times found myself lost in the mine.
People who haven't natural gumption never learn," retorted Aunt Jamesina, "neither in college nor life.
Many clients have limited interests because they have had relatively little opportunity to learn about alternative activities.
Such a process would help the students learn how to use this information to expand their education and career aspirations.
Students also learn the relevance of course content outside the classroom.
Reflection allows students to learn from themselves.
Students who agreed that service learning could be harmful (in decreasing personal responsibility) were less likely to agree that service-learning helped them learn about group dynamics and group skills, r (39) = -.
School leaders are again looking at business (as businesses are turning to models based on quality, not mass production); the leaders are blending those ideas about quality with what they know about how children learn and what the primary focus of our educational system should be.
There is, however, evidence that students learn more when they are actively engaged in a classroom setting, as opposed to merely passively sitting and listening to a lecture.
These students differed from the three to five percent of the school Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) students in that most of them seemed capable of learning but their hyperactivity, impulsivity, and/or inattention did not seem to be the cause of their inability to learn (Fowler, 1994).