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We encourage you to submit a brief (500 words) write-up of your Learning Experience to Aviation Safety for possible publication.
Our students want a real wilderness learning experience where they can get their feet wet and their hands dirty working on important projects that preserve the wilderness for future generations.
Overwhelmingly, coaches report that the competition element enhances the learning experience.
Its loss would be tragic: Here was vivid evidence of the enormous value of dance in enhancing children's learning experience.
The Learning Experience is a privately-held company whose principals have over 23 years of experience in the preschool business and are the founders of Tutor Time.
Percentages do not total 100 because some students could be placed in more than one category of language learning experience.
The purpose of this article is to describe an approach used at Seattle Pacific University to provide school counseling students with a systemic perspective for delivering guidance and counseling services to schools and to suggest ways this type of learning experience could be adapted by school counselors to enhance school- and district-wide collaboration in implementing and managing a comprehensive school counseling program.
It keeps with the author's initial assurance that it is not intended to act as an ethics instructor with boundless knowledge, but rather as a learning aid that facilitates the ethics learning experience.
Look to the far comer of this particular classroom and you'll notice seven computers and a printer quietly staking their claim in the children's learning experience.
For your own old-growth learning experience, consider one of these:
Students are not the only ones who benefit from the service learning experience.
Teachers can quickly and continuously assess students' skills, pinpoint areas for improvement, and create an individualized learning experience for every student.
The 18-month program offers a unique learning experience to talented high school students who are interested in real estate, architecture, construction, business and technology, as they will be directly involved in the construction of this high-tech facility.
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