learn (something) by heart

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learn (something) by heart

To learn something very thoroughly; to memorize something. Ask Becky to recite the poem—she learned it by heart. You don't have to learn these principles by heart, we just want you to have a basic understanding of them.
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learn something by heart

Fig. to learn something so well that it can be written or recited without thinking; to memorize something. The director told me to learn my speech by heart. I had to go over it many times before I learned it by heart.
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learn by heart

Also, learn by rote. See under by heart.
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Michael shared in the general happiness of the steerage, and joined eagerly with Steward in learning by heart a fifth song.
This life was disclosed in religion, but a religion having nothing in common with that one which Kitty had known from childhood, and which found expression in litanies and all-night services at the Widow's Home, where one might meet one's friends, and in learning by heart Slavonic texts with the priest.
All this kept her very busy, and she had not had time to do more than look at the little vellum book that Archer had sent her the week before (the "Sonnets from the Portuguese"); but she was learning by heart "How they brought the Good News from Ghent to Aix," because it was one of the first things he had ever read to her; and it amused her to be able to tell him that Kate Merry had never even heard of a poet called Robert Browning.
"It is not that I am afraid of learning by heart," said Fanny, shocked to find herself at that moment the only speaker in the room, and to feel that almost every eye was upon her; "but I really cannot act."
'And what do you do with yourself when you have got your learning by heart, you silly child?'
The "Someday is Now" exhibit offered creative exercises from Learning by Heart (Allworth Press), coauthored by Corita Kent and her former student Jan Steward.
Throughout her long years, Shiha focused on heritage songs, as they are what she grew up learning by heart, and adding her touch to the lyrics and rhythm was her unique spell to the songs that have been sung thousands of times by hundreds of different people.
We should thank the teachers who insisted on our learning by heart passages from Shakespeare or long poems.
100 Brilliant Poems would be especially good for Year 6, 7 or 8 audiences and could be effectively used by both teachers and librarians to promote poetry, especially reading aloud or learning by heart. Paul Cookson has included a section at the end entitled 'Handy Hints and Starting Points for reading, Writing and Performing.' Five poets talk about and offer suggestions of how their favourite poems might be read by students and used by teachers in a classroom situation to inspire the love of poetry.
The committee reconsidered 'Education of Holy Quran according to Recitation by Sighting and with Translation, Learning by Heart and with Correct Pronunciation Bill, 2014.'
There are plans to modernize curriculums in keeping with the technological advancements that could enable students to understand the subjects and encourage their creativity instead of learning by heart, thus qualifying them to be productive persons in the future.
As she writes, "'Learning by heart' could have been invented in order to describe the kind of learning the Heidelberg Catechism envisioned, where feelings and intellect are not separated, where the lessons become part of the person's living and lived knowledge." This book is a great resource in making the catechism come alive in these ways.
The bills are "Education of the Holy Quran according to recitation by sighting and with translation, learning by heart and with correct pronunciation Bill," "Constitution (Amendment) Bill, 2014," and "The Criminal Law (Amendment) Bill, 2014."
These include: "The Constitution (Amendment) Billa[euro]s 2014"a[euro]s "The Criminal Law (Amendment) Billa[euro]s 2014" and "Education of the Holy Quran according to recitation by sighting and with translationa[euro]s learning by heart and with correct pronunciation Bill".
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