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learn (something) down pat

To learn, master, or understand something perfectly, to the point of requiring little or no focus to do, recall, or accomplish it. I made sure to learn my speech down pat before the ceremony so I wouldn't spend the whole time looking down at piece of paper. My sister is such a musical prodigy that she can learn a song down pat after listening to it only once or twice.
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learn (one's) lesson

To learn through painful experience not to do something, often something one had been warned about or knew might be risky. I told you that you'd feel awful if you drank that much wine. I hope you've learned your lesson. I certainly learned my lesson about buying something from a stranger online.
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learn (something) the hard way

To learn or discover something through personal experience, especially that which is difficult, painful, or unpleasant. Starting your own business is really tough. I had to learn that the hard way. Everyone will tell you that becoming a parent is challenging, but you never really know what that means until you learn about it the hard way.
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learn (something) by heart

To learn something very thoroughly; to memorize something. Ask Becky to recite the poem—she learned it by heart. You don't have to learn these principles by heart, we just want you to have a basic understanding of them.
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learn to live with (someone or something)

To learn to accept someone or something; to get used to or become accustomed to someone or something. Said especially of a person or thing that one initially finds unpleasant, undesirable, or annoying. The paint job looks kind of sloppy, but I'll just have learn to live with it, unless I want to redo the whole thing myself. At first my roommate's habits were infuriating, but eventually I learned to live with them. I know you don't get along, but you're partners now, so you'll have to learn to live with each other.
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Tennyson, for example, took refuge in the elaborate patriotic historicist architectonic of the Idylls of the King; Browning buried his villains and miscreants in the learnedly displaced Renaissance scaffolding of The Ring and the Book; and Morris invoked Chaucer as the patron saint of his twenty-four exquisitely counterbalanced classical and medieval verse-narratives in The Earthly Paradise.
The author is not a cleric, but he is learnedly religious, and the religious discussions are therefore detailed and sensitive, illuminating about the actual beliefs and practices of Catholic and Protestant Christians and Muslims in the period as well as revelatory of the pressures at work when people tried to talk across so heavily fortified and traumatic a barrier of confession.
We [all of those in the movement to preserve the habitability of the Earth] do science, write books, publish articles, develop professional societies, attend conferences, and converse learnedly.
About what would be the result if I really had to get my academic coat off and get cracking with a combine in a field of malting barley instead of talking, very learnedly, of flogging the stuff.
at 161 (stating that the issue "was discussed and learnedly discussed; and yet [Jackson] persevered in his determination"); id.
Although she worked for years at Yale and can discourse learnedly on the Ringling Museum's paintings of St.
The test, it may be urged, is too difficult, ludicrously so, in fact I admit it is much easier to discourse learnedly on Sinaitic inscriptions or the morphology of Zend than to answer the short question proposed.
This quietly and learnedly devastating appraisal of Political Correctness in all its forms has been undertaken by a professor from the Department of Political Science at Elizabethtown College, Pennsylvania.
Among them were courtiers, diplomats, tax-farmers, businessmen, public administrators, doctors, and perhaps even a military man--a hard-headed lot, proudly, learnedly, and punctiliously Jewish.
The difficulty arose from the interpretation of the word 'person', which her former employer, Judge Poole, learnedly and ponderously investigated, and declared to mean 'man' in the relevant Act.
In learnedly argued chapters Grey demonstrates how Emerson, Fuller, Thoreau, and Melville exploited seventeenth-century English writers whom they considered relevant to their critiques of these antebellum orthodoxies.
Such matters, which one might have thought would have formed a fundamental set of intellectual shifts that might in part explain, or at least comment on, the rhetorical shifts that Jackson so learnedly describes, seem to be absent from her concerns, and yet could have provided her with at least the possibility of linking rhetoric in marginalia with the broader intellectual and social matters at debate at various times during these three centuries.
Such hoarding may indeed be pathological: but other collectors may be discriminating to a fault, and will commission famous architects to build them galleries (which they will even endow and turn over to the public as museums) that will house their carefully-chosen group of masterpieces -- masterpieces that have, of course, been restored, cleaned, framed, artfully lit, and learnedly catalogued so that the catalogue itself becomes a work of reference which will, in its turn, be coveted by historians and connoisseurs as well as other collectors.
Some people talk learnedly of the "Lena Horne Look.
The Bank of England's monetary committee has argued learnedly about the implications of dear oil.