learn (one's) lesson

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learn (one's) lesson

To learn through painful experience not to do something, often something one had been warned about or knew might be risky. I told you that you'd feel awful if you drank that much wine. I hope you've learned your lesson. I certainly learned my lesson about buying something from a stranger online.
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learn one's lesson

Profit from experience, especially an unhappy one. For example, From now on she'd read the instructions first; she'd learned her lesson. Also see hard way.
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learn your ˈlesson

learn what to do or what not to do in the future because you have had a bad experience in the past: I used to carry a lot of money on me, until one day my bag was stolen. Since then, I’ve learned my lesson.
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"We played well against Fife but we have learned our lesson not to get carried away and we need to keep our feet on the ground.
He said we learned our lesson from the history and signed the Charter of Democracy (CoD) to quit politics of nineties.
We learned our lesson and found our bearings, and so can they.
But Murphy (above), their 23-year-old PS11million buy from Norwich, said: "We've played all the big teams that everyone talks about and we've learned our lessons in letting in cheap, easy goals.
'We haven't learned our lessons, this has been happening for several games already,' said Chan whose team dropped to 3-6 with a flickering chance for the quarterfinals.