learn from (someone or something)

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learn from (someone or something)

1. To acquire knowledge, wisdom, or experience from someone or something. I learned from the greatest still-life painter in the world. I'm trying to learn from my past mistakes.
2. To glean or acquire specific knowledge, wisdom, or experience from someone or something. In this usage, a noun or pronoun is used between "learn" and "from." I'm going to be sad to see you go, boss—I've learned everything I know about the business world from you. I'm learning a lot about the way this works just by watching what other people do.
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learn something from someone or something

to find out something from someone or something. I don't know when the children are due to arrive. See what you can learn from Walter. lam sure we can learn something from this experience.
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learn from someone or something

to learn [something] from the experience of someone or something. Pay attention to what Sarah does. I think you can learn from her. This was quite an experience, and we all can learn from it.
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References in classic literature ?
I had learned from somebody that the way to begin to read was to learn the alphabet, so I tried in all the ways I could think of to learn it,--all of course without a teacher, for I could find no one to teach me.
Later, when he accidentally learned from his old nurse that his mother was not dead, and his father and Lidia Ivanovna had explained to him that she was dead to him because she was wicked (which he could not possibly believe, because he loved her), he went on seeking her and expecting her in the same way.
And he learned from Kapitonitch, from his nurse, from Nadinka, from Vassily Lukitch, but not from his teachers.
Several students indicated that they had appreciated and learned from the discussion of cultural diversity in the classroom, as well as learning from their SL work experiences.
Particular patterns of responses are learned from the external world (external stimuli).
The participant had learned from his father that he might encounter discrimination and unjust treatment over which he had no control.
He had gained much of his initial knowledge by attending an intensive training session taught by one of his firm's CPAs and was working hard to apply what he had learned from class to meet his clients' needs.
Group discussions can enhance the depth of knowledge acquired by the students, and students retain more of what they have learned from group discussions (Occhipinti, 2003; Jensen et al., 2002).
On the other hand, the knowledge learned from the best practices used in the best classrooms can provide formative data to help manage schools--particularly instruction--more efficiently and effectively.
Here are some sample postings that demonstrate the dynamic nature of the blog entries and how others learned from them.
Recitation which stressed pupils showing what had been learned from the unit of instruction (Morrison, 1926).
The final technical plans and report (proposal) the students create for the course leaves little room for reflection about the learning experience or what was learned from and/or about the community organization with which they worked.
Students learned from primary sources about the people, events, and symbols of the war.
Through the process, I was reminded of the pleasure of creating, and this allowed me to combine my artistic sense with what I had learned from reading.