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Since the design conditions are characterized as learnable instead of being stipulated as universals, it makes sense to compare different morphological systems with respect to the relevant design conditions, presumably yielding interesting results.
As two components of job burnout--namely emotional exhaustion and reduction of personal performance--significantly correlate with emotional intelligence, and as emotional intelligence is a learnable trait, it is suggested that teaching emotional intelligence should be included in the curriculum of teachers' development workshops.
You need really good ideas and you have to have a spark of creativity, but there are many elements of the craft which are learnable.
Online universities such as Udemy, Learnable, Tildee, Skillshare, and Sophia are beginning to capture market share.
RC: Due to the fact that the principles are based on scientific laws, they are both teachable and learnable, and therefore beneficial to everyone.
The overarching goal of this research is to explore broader questions such as whether wisdom is innate, learnable or a bit of both, and if wisdom is a uniquely human trait.
Domanski P A Yashar, D Kaufman K A Michalski R S 2004 Optimized design of finned-tube evaporators using learnable evolution methods HVAC&R Research, 10(2): 201-212
Their topics include teaching learnable grammar, podcasting and iPod in teaching and learning the Italian language at the University of Montreal, the importance of adopting a didactic translation methodology in the context of the 2001 Italian university reform, building an intercultural identity in a cross-cultural transition, using film at all levels of proficiency, and the history of Italian culture from the 1950s to 2005 retold by protest songs.
But, try as you might to make the case for learning as a learnable skill, the business angels don't really get it.
Learnable risks are the ones we could make more predictable if we had the time and resources to learn more about them.
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In that regard, Evans and Honkapohja (2003) have shown that the solution (13)-(14) is learnable if an appropriate interest rate rule is used to implement the optimality condition (8), but is not learnable for some other modes of implementation.
Kouzes' and Posner's research shows that leadership is an observable, learnable set of practices.