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EVALUATION RESULTS OF THE NETWORK WITH DIFFERENT HYPER-PARAMETER VALUES IN APL UNITS Value AR (%) DR (%) FAR (%) Additional of S learnable parameters S = 1 94.05 92.58 0.79 11 S = 3 94.33 93.15 0.68 33 S = 5 94.85 93.12 0.63 55 S = 7 93.47 92.07 0.82 77 TABLE V.
* Ease of Training: The learnable UI is capable of supporting self-training in under two days utilizing the system's embedded video tutorials.
These skills are learnable, and predict stronger effectiveness, well-being, relationships, and quality of life."
Professionals who use their voices without giving them much thought, like teachers, will be surprised that there's so much to it, but even further surprised that all the information and application is accessible and learnable, even if you're not a vocal coach or an anatomy expert.
there are millions of things you have to work out and that's learnable, but the first part (of composition) is not learnable.
Ryder puts this false assumption to rest in the most effective way possible: by showing how to look and see and think and draw--using simple, learnable techniques that Ryder spells out in plain English and illustrates in plain sight.
In a 2012 book titled Seeing Lithics, Tostevin described how he measured and compared markers of such learnable toolmaking actions among stone artifacts from 18 sites in Central Europe, Eastern Europe and the Middle East.
Robot Capitalism (Local or Perfectly Learnable Reward)
Dance styles that audiences have enjoyed on screen such as the jive, cha-cha, samba, tango, waltz and quickstep are broken down into easily learnable sections that can be delivered at varying levels of effort to match different fitness levels.
EI skills are teachable, learnable and become more permanent with practice.
c) we explicitly adopted a view of creativity (and of intelligence) that sees it as largely learnable rather than essentially innate;
Provided you know what these "learnable" qualities are, and you set realistic goals that are mutually supportive, you too can do it all.
Furthermore, over the last few decades cognitive psychologists (Craik 1977, 2002; Craik and Lockhart 1972; Craik and Tulving 1975; Jacoby and Craik 1979; Eysenck 1982; Anderson 1990) have indicated that the durability of memory traces depends in large part on the depth of processing or the degree of analysis of learnable linguistic elements, to which Baddeley added the importance of repetition (1997: 123).
Being able to "read" pup will become extremely important once you are hunting, and it is a learnable skill just by being observant.