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Each circuit will aim to be accurate in the PAC sense as a function of the external inputs-the fact that intermediate levels of gates only approximate the functions that the trainer intended is not necessarily harmful as long as each layer relates to the approximations at the previous layer in a robustly learnable manner.
See, for instance, 'Theories of Meaning and Learnable Languages', (1965), reprinted in Inquiries into Truth and Interpretation.
At the heart of these aspirations is the idea that learning is a learnable skill, something capable of development.
I think the issue of preparing students for student centered learning in technology is the same as any other learnable skill.
Parenting: A Learnable Skill" is the title of a class to be presented at 6:45 p.
There is a consistent and learnable pattern to their impact on society and their adoption by enlightened political and government leaders.
Although, in theory, all is learnable, including connectivity and representation, computational complexity has to be an important consideration.
critical thinking is a learnable skill with teachers and peers serving as resources.
For example, the concept class defined by the parity function over the indicator variables of s hyperspaces is learnable by our algorithm.
Content was included in Science For All Americans only if it could be defended as being essential, enduring, and learnable.
It just requires a simple, learnable technique which Professor Iliceto and his staff would gladly teach any heart doctor familiar with 2D echocardiogram who'd be willing to spend a few days in his heart laboratory.
8220;By taking advantage of GitHub (a tool we were already using and one many developers are intimately familiar with), we can open up the once-closed writing and editing process and allow the entire SitePoint community, including Learnable, to get involved in our publishing projects.
The intangible qualities that contribute to personal presence can be acquired through learnable skills and behaviors.
Cold-calling on the phone is very difficult initially but it's a learnable doable skill.