learn to live with

learn to live with (someone or something)

To learn to accept someone or something; to get used to or become accustomed to someone or something. Said especially of a person or thing that one initially finds unpleasant, undesirable, or annoying. The paint job looks kind of sloppy, but I'll just have learn to live with it, unless I want to redo the whole thing myself. At first my roommate's habits were infuriating, but eventually I learned to live with them. I know you don't get along, but you're partners now, so you'll have to learn to live with each other.
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learn to live with something

Fig. to learn to adapt to something unpleasant or painful. Finally the doctor told Marion that she was going to have to learn to live with her arthritis. The floor plan of the house we bought is not as spacious as we had thought, but we will learn to live with it.
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learn to live with

Get used to or accustom oneself to something that is painful, annoying, or unpleasant. For example, The doctor said nothing more could be done about improving her sight; she'd just have to learn to live with it , or Pat decided she didn't like the new sofa but would have to learn to live with it.
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I gave a little talk and said that in Naya Pakistan, we must learn to live with other nations and not provoke them with negative slogans.
That is, he says, students need to learn to live with dilemmas.
Writing in The Conversation, which uses research backed by academics, Dr Lynch said some residents had taken the view that the best response is to learn to live with the bugs and adapt.
They will learn to live with it, just as we Modern Orthodox/ srugim (of the knitted kippot) live with and still passionately love Israel even after Gush Katif and even though many of us wish the Chief Rabbinate sometimes were more oriented towards us
"That's life, we all learn to live with whatever is given us," he said."We are human, of course we get affected but as I've said we have learned to live with it.
"DEULOFEU is a great player, but he has to learn to live with the elite."
I don't think the death of a child is something you ever get over but something you gradually learn to live with.
Grief does not diminish, but you can manage the intensity and learn to live with it.
Not only does Annie learn to live with her loss, she also teaches her father how to be both her mother and father now.
If we learn to live with security, we learn to have faith.
Noble (a sudden cardiac arrest survivor) of his experiences with having congenital heart problems and who has had to learn to live with the constant threat of sudden death.
At a get-together with 10 Islamic leaders in Cologne, he stressed their responsibility in the formation of the younger generation, particularly in how that would "turn back the wave of cruel fanaticism that endangers the lives of so many people and hinders progress to world peace." At the same time, Benedict said Christians and Muslims "must seek paths of reconciliation and learn to live with respect for each other's identity."
Another is that clients can learn to live with depression and panic attacks through relaxation, anger management and similar programmes.
Mintrop finds that teachers in low-performing schools are initially upset by negative state evaluations, but that they quickly learn to live with the label and even to interpret it as a signal that they need more resources or more talented students.
We are at a new frontier--one where we must learn to live with our industry's maturity.