learn from (someone or something)

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learn from (someone or something)

1. To acquire knowledge, wisdom, or experience from someone or something. I learned from the greatest still-life painter in the world. I'm trying to learn from my past mistakes.
2. To glean or acquire specific knowledge, wisdom, or experience from someone or something. In this usage, a noun or pronoun is used between "learn" and "from." I'm going to be sad to see you go, boss—I've learned everything I know about the business world from you. I'm learning a lot about the way this works just by watching what other people do.
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learn something from someone or something

to find out something from someone or something. I don't know when the children are due to arrive. See what you can learn from Walter. lam sure we can learn something from this experience.
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learn from someone or something

to learn [something] from the experience of someone or something. Pay attention to what Sarah does. I think you can learn from her. This was quite an experience, and we all can learn from it.
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References in classic literature ?
Martin Poyser was not a frequenter of public houses, but he liked a friendly chat over his own home- brewed; and though it was pleasant to lay down the law to a stupid neighbour who had no notion how to make the best of his farm, it was also an agreeable variety to learn something from a clever fellow like Adam Bede.
I hope I shall always be able and willing to learn something from the masters of literature and still be myself, but for the young writer this seems impossible.
He should try and learn something from every game he plays.
You might be able to learn something from them even if, at the moment, they are a less accomplished gambler than you are.
If you can get in those last few groups on sunday, I think you learn something from your game coming down the stretch.
"I know we've been beaten 5-0, but this is a young side and it's important we learn something from this and move forward.
The purpose (other than ensuring that our three teenagers were not idle this summer!) was really to do something together as a family that the kids might learn something from.
I hope we learn something from them because, if we're lucky, one day we'll be in the same boat.
Yet the fact that we might still learn something from them is another cause for optimism.
"Kids are very resilient; you can always learn something from them," says Dash, who finds pediatrics very rewarding.
The business world can learn something from these famous people, he says.
Don't look at other programs or AD's in a critical manner, but try to learn something from them and then insert these new ideas into your program.
Obviously, we can all learn something from people who have tried and failed.