learn (one's) lesson

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learn (one's) lesson

To learn through painful experience not to do something, often something one had been warned about or knew might be risky. I told you that you'd feel awful if you drank that much wine. I hope you've learned your lesson. I certainly learned my lesson about buying something from a stranger online.
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learn one's lesson

Profit from experience, especially an unhappy one. For example, From now on she'd read the instructions first; she'd learned her lesson. Also see hard way.
See also: learn, lesson

learn your ˈlesson

learn what to do or what not to do in the future because you have had a bad experience in the past: I used to carry a lot of money on me, until one day my bag was stolen. Since then, I’ve learned my lesson.
See also: learn, lesson
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He said we all should learn lesson from history and make efforts to have a strong federation.
While talking to the journalists in Hafizabad she said that Pakistan Tehrik Insaf (PTI) should learn lesson from Azad Jammu and Kashmir (AJK) elections.
He advised opponents to learn lesson from their repeated defeats and contribute positively towards nation building.
He described the incident as mere accidental and said the human lives were lost because of mismanagement and one should learn lesson from this and strictly observe patience and discipline.
But Birmingham Chambers of Commerce (GBCC) said much of the problem was caused by the skills gap in the region and called on stakeholders to learn lessons from the North East, where unemployment was slowly decreasing.
Dozens lost their lives and the authorities vowed to learn lessons.
But families who lost loved ones said they had been left "shocked" by the hotel's lack of security measures and called for the travel industry to learn lessons from the evidence at the inquest.
I think Mike, at Sports Direct, has learned some lessons - I think he'd be the first to say that - and he's had to learn lessons on the football side.
Among the recommendations made is the UK and Welsh Governments continue to work together on the proposals and that the Ministry of Justice learn lessons from the opening of privately run HMP Oakwood, in the West Midlands.
High level representatives from India s main energy ministries travelled to Ricardo-AEA s offices on 15 October to learn lessons from the UK for addressing industrial energy efficiency policies.
But we must learn lessons and we will learn lessons.
The left-wing IPPR think-tank said the UK could learn lessons from Sweden's response to tackling unemployment after a recession by investing more in education and jobs programmes.
It's important to me that they learn lessons from everything," the Politico quoted her as telling iVillage.
Ministers promised to learn lessons from last summer's riots but, a year on, Tottenham MP David Lammy says much of what fuelled the mayhem is still as bad if not worse.