learn by rote

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learn something by rote

Fig. to learn something by memorizing without giving any thought to what is being learned. I learned history by rote; then I couldn't pass the test that required me to think. If you learn things by rote, you'll never understand them.
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As well, good range managers change the course--sometimes frequently--so shooters never learn by rote, just as in hunting.
The name game was dreamed up by Operation Raleigh volunteers to make classes more exciting for the pupils, who usually learn by rote.
Disputing the belief that parrots only mimic sounds and learn by rote, Pepperberg says Alex can identify 50 objects, 7 colors, and 5 shapes, and understand abstract concepts like bigger, smaller, same, and different--proving that "animal intelligence is more widespread than we thought," she says.
For instance, a child can learn by rote that when setting the table the cutting edge of the knife goes toward the plate.