learn by

learn by something

to learn [something] from some kind of actual experience. The best way to learn is to learn by doing. The best way to learn to sail is to learn by sailing.
See also: by, learn
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Vicarious learning, also referred to as observational learning, indicates that people can learn by observing others' behaviors without direct experience.
Allowing officers to learn by observing and interacting with others and by giving them opportunities to practice what they have learned further enhances the learning environment, providing immediate positive feedback.
He likes it because it's a hands-on program where he can learn by doing.
By teaming with Learning Insights, a leading publisher of interactive multimedia, business people learn by doing through real-world case studies, and practical exercises, while getting the advice and guidance of the best minds in the world of business and finance.
In order to achieve these goals, business schools must continually find ways to allow students to learn by practical application.
Almost all students indicated that they preferred to learn by working in groups with limited interaction with teachers.
When students learn by simulations, they will have few problems understanding, analyzing, transferring, and dealing with real events and activities.
Furthermore, a synthesis of results of several studies ranging over different industries and organizations found that workers learn by a number of active methods, including applying theory, practicing skills, solving problems, making mistakes, and interacting with others (Gerber, 1998).