learn about

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learn about (someone or something)

1. To become knowledgeable or informed about someone or something. We learned about the rotation of the planets in science class today. The point of the game is for kids to learn about important historical figures in a fun, exciting way.
2. To discover or uncover some particular information about someone or something. In this usage, a noun or pronoun can be used between "learn" and "about. I learned something interesting about the way gravity works today. See if you can learn any dirty secrets about our opponent.
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learn about someone or something

to find out about someone or something. What have you learned about Mr. Franklin and his business dealings? I learned about what causes rain.
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Grounded in the LTCC premise that a fundamental goal of career assessment and counseling is to expand new learning, we offer propositions concerning what counselors and clients need to learn about the influence of systemic career/education barriers and resources.
What do counselors need to learn about systemic career/education barriers?
What do counselors need to learn about individuals' psychological responses to systemic career/education barriers?
Students attended international student group meetings and cultural activities to learn about people's culture.
The zone of proximal development, the realm during which learners are most apt to be ready and willing to learn about a topic, and an understanding of cognitive development emphasize the influences of the content, interface, instructor, community, collegial learners and the learner as self.
Universities, to support student development, provide educational and recreational programs to help students learn to cope, to manage money, to study better, to learn about relationships, and to get a job.
Students provide direct community service, learn about the context, and apply academic learning to work environments.