learn about

learn about (someone or something)

1. To become knowledgeable or informed about someone or something. We learned about the rotation of the planets in science class today. The point of the game is for kids to learn about important historical figures in a fun, exciting way.
2. To discover or uncover some particular information about someone or something. In this usage, a noun or pronoun can be used between "learn" and "about. I learned something interesting about the way gravity works today. See if you can learn any dirty secrets about our opponent.
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learn about someone or something

to find out about someone or something. What have you learned about Mr. Franklin and his business dealings? I learned about what causes rain.
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Reiki practitioners of all levels, anyone who wants to learn about Reiki, those who wish to receive Reiki Healing Energy.
Grounded in the LTCC premise that a fundamental goal of career assessment and counseling is to expand new learning, we offer propositions concerning what counselors and clients need to learn about the influence of systemic career/education barriers and resources.
For example, a sales person who needs to increase services revenue can discover business issues that lead to good sales opportunities and how to help customers learn about IBM services.
Atlanta Herbs for Colds and Flu: Come to this free class to learn about all the best herbal remedies.
In Southern California and Kobe, Japan, middle students learn about earthquake [preparation] by sharing experiences through Internet videoconferencing.
This is especially true when pupils choose music as an avenue to learn about the social studies as well as indicate content acquired through musical endeavors.
In a professional learning community (PLC) teachers learn about a new idea, try it in their classrooms, reflect on it, talk about the results with their colleagues, and then fine-tune it and try it again.
As professors of mathematics and theater arts education we believe it is critically important that pre-service and in-service teachers learn about teaching by being critical assessors of their own learning.
The developmental asset framework and terminology, first introduced in 1990, surveyed over 350,000 sixth- through twelfth-graders in over six hundred communities to learn about risks and resiliency.
They interviewed the dietitians at the site to learn about the facility's clientele and diabetes education program.
There is no better way to learn about Tibetan Buddhism as well as about premodern and modern Mongolian history than to participate in such a temple restoration project.
Providing service to one's new school community is a natural way to learn about its members, become acculturated, and be accepted as a member oneself:
Students attended international student group meetings and cultural activities to learn about people's culture.
Native English speakers felt that online instruction provided them with the opportunity to learn about other cultures while sharing their own and improving their communication skills (Cifuentes & Shih, 2001).
Namely, journals (a) provided an impetus for improving their own reading skills, (b) caused them to learn more course content, and (c) allowed them to learn about themselves and their own beliefs.
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