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The mine was divided into a large number of different "rooms" or departments, and, as I never was able to learn the location of all these "rooms," I many times found myself lost in the mine.
But as we grow older and learn more, we begin to like more and more kinds of books.
And with every door that you unlock, you will become aware of others and still others that are yet shut fast, until at last you learn with something of pain, that the great palace of our Literature is so vast that you can never hope to open all the doors even to peep inside.
But this, I said, is a laborious study, and therefore we had better go and learn of them; and they will tell us whether there are any other applications of these sciences.
Solon was under a delusion when he said that a man when he grows old may learn many things--for he can no more learn much than he can run much; youth is the time for any extraordinary toil.
These, I said, are the points which you must consider; and those who have most of this comprehension, and who are more steadfast in their learning, and in their military and other appointed duties, when they have arrived at the age of thirty have to be chosen by you out of the select class, and elevated to higher honour; and you will have to prove them by the help of dialectic, in order to learn which of them is able to give up the use of sight and the other senses, and in company with truth to attain absolute being: And here, my friend, great caution is required.
When he grows up to manhood, he learns that his alleged are not his real parents; but who the real are he is unable to discover.
It is by essentially similar processes that we learn speaking, writing, mathematics, or the government of an empire.
The animals in cages, which gradually learn to get out, perform random movements at first, which are purely instinctive.
I can't think why anybody should learn Latin," said Tom.
Only you're obliged to remember it while you're at school, else you've got to learn ever so many lines of 'Speaker.
RIVERSIDE: Grades K-5, a Sherman Oaks LEARN school with 25 open seats.
Thirteen of 35 (37%) of students in the first round and 19 of 39 (49%) of students in the second round stated that online learning was an isolated process, and that the group processes required in classes were quite helpful in maintaining motivation to learn.
Picture the entire concept of learning and teaching as a spectrum: on one end we have the traditional style of learning the content; on the other end the emphasis is on learning the processes of learning--learning how to learn.
Also, it will help professors learn how to help their students to become intentional, lifelong learners.